Which wedding dress styles are the most flattering for your body shape?

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white – or is she? Nowadays, there are so many different wedding dress styles to choose from it can seem overwhelming to think you’ll ever find the right one. Thankfully, there are several wedding dress styles out there that are the most flattering for your body shape. At last, the choice could be about to become a lot easier.

Apple/Oval shape

Apple body shapes are women that tend to have a larger bust and tummy area – their middles – but have slimmer legs. When it comes to choosing a dress, apples can think about a sweetheart of v-neckline to showcase their assets. Plus, if you want to stand out, apple shapes can also showcase their stunning pins with a shorter style wedding dress. These will both help show off your fabulous figure. However, it’s best to avoid anything strapless just in case the girls want to come out.

Straight body shape

Having a straight body shape means your entire body is pretty much the same shape. It’s best to avoid a strapless dress as these can  wash out your natural curves. Instead, straight body shaped women can benefit from a gown with a full skirt. These types of wedding dresses suit this shape because they add some curves at the hips. Plus, any kind of bling up top could make it look as though you’re sporting more curves than you once thought possible.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders while also having broader hips, bottoms, and thighs. For this reason, women of this shape can pull off an A-line dress with ease. The cut of the fabric is perfect for skimming over those curves while having slimmer shoulders means pear shapes can also go without straps if they please. Although it’s best to avoid any tight-fitting dress, pear shapes can use diamantes and sparkles to lift attention away from their bottom half if they so please.

Inverted triangle shape

Inverted triangle shaped women have broader shoulders, while their waist and hips are noticeably slimmer than the rest of their body. Halter neck styles might emphasize your broad shoulders, while V-necks will show off your cleavage. Plus, inverted triangles could benefit from having sleeves, such as delicate lace additions. Another way to curve out your bottom half is to choose a gown with an all over pattern. This will help to draw people’s eyes to your entire body rather than focusing on your top half.

Hourglass shape

Hourglass figures are what they say on the tin – curves at the bust and hips with a smaller waistline. The best way to emphasize this shape is to opt for a gown that shows off all your curves. Mermaid dresses are brilliant for standing out on your big day thanks to the figure-hugging cut of the style. Plus, any accessory around your middle helps to show off your small waist by making it look even slimmer. This could be a belt, sash, or even a fitted bodice.

Athletic body shape

This body shape is typically straight up and down, as well as showcasing a woman’s natural muscles. Although you might think finding a wedding dress style to suit could be hard, you’re about to be surprised – athletic body shapes can pull off just about any gown! It’s best to avoid anything too over the top as you might find yourself lost under all the fabric. However, full skirts and belts can add the illusion of curves. Plus, athletic shapes can benefit from a one-shoulder strap or sweetheart neckline to add that extra detail.

Busty body shape

Women with ample chests might think they are in for a struggle when it comes to finding a wedding dress to suit your style while also keeping the girls locked away for the night. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you once thought. Busty women can benefit from any gown with a high neckline, such as an embellishment detail around the chest area. Plus, busty women could also choose a dress that comes with built-in support or fitted top to make sure everything stays where it should be for the night.

Small busted shape

On the other end of the scale are women who have smaller busts. Once again, there is no need to fear when choosing wedding dress styles for your body shape. People with smaller chests can benefit from plenty of detail around the top of the gown. If you don’t want to go over the top, then backless dresses are also another perfect way to showcase your fantastic figure on your wedding day. Plus, you could really push the boat out and opt for a gown with a deep plunging neckline. Could you be so brave?

Tall brides

Height can play a significant part in finding the right dress, but thankfully there are plenty of options for taller brides. These women should look for a gown that will show off their figure without drawing too much attention to their entire body. Dresses with less detailing can show off your height while finding one with a side slit will give you the opportunity to flash your winning pins.

Petite brides

Being on the shorter end of the scale doesn’t mean you can’t still choose a fabulous wedding dress. When looking for a gown to suit your style, petite brides should think about avoiding voluminous dresses with large skirts or ball gowns. Instead, these brides can still feel like a princess with a tea length gown that will leave you feeling fabulous from head to foot without disappearing underneath all that fabric on your big day.

Your wedding day is an excuse to grab the attention of all your friends and family while feeling utterly fabulous. After all, why shouldn’t you feel like the main event on your big day? With these wedding dress styles to suit your body shape, you’ll be sure to find a stunning gown in no time. It could be time to get the girls around and start making some decisions!

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