Where to find inspiration for your wedding vows

Your wedding vows are the perfect way to express your love to your partner. But as much as you try and get the words out, you’re stumped – gah! Sometimes we just need a little prompt to get us heading in the right direction. Thankfully there are several ways to find inspiration for your wedding vows all around us.

Inspiration from the one you love

Your wedding vows are to reflect your love and dedication for one another, so why not start by looking at the one you are writing to? What are the everyday habits that you love about your partner? Perhaps it’s the certain way they flick their hair or their need to have a full bowl of peanut butter M&Ms before every sports game for good luck? Whatever it is, it’s the finer details that you see that have brought you so close together. These can be the perfect place to start your vows as your partner realises how much you notice.

Look through old or traditional vows

Where better place to find inspiration for your wedding vows than ones that have been written in the past? You don’t have to copy them word for word – and your partner probably wouldn’t be too happy if you did. However, they can give you a basis as to where you should head. Did their endless mention of “love” come across too strong? Did they forget to talk about why they want to get married? It’s easy to spot mistakes others have made and avoid putting them into your own finished piece.

Take inspiration from other religions

Many different religions have their own vows. These variations can be the perfect inspiration for your wedding vows as you incorporate views from all around the world in your love. Hindu couples usually talk about taking care of one another’s health, while Muslims use weddings as a way to join two souls rather than two people. Other religions can inject a splash of something different to our vows as well as making them entirely unique to others most people have heard.

Think about your ideas of love

Reading wedding vows is a way to make all the promises to your partner that you want to keep throughout our marriage. It’s all about what showing your love means to you. One way to find inspiration for your vows is to think about the emotions you feel when you’re with your partner, and how you want to show them how much you care for the rest of your life. Although you don’t have to be soppy if that’s not your style, this is the only chance you will get to make those promises in front of everyone.

Imagine life as one

Getting married is more than just getting a new title; it’s about two people becoming one. If you’re struggling to write your wedding vows, why not think about all the things you will now get to enjoy and experience as one person rather than two separate people? Plus, this can be a chance to imagine all the ways you would like to be helped in life with your partner by your side and how you can return the favour. It doesn’t matter if it’s soup when you’re ill or sharing your million pound bank account – they all mean you’re life is now both of your lives.

You might be amazed how quickly you get writing once the words start flowing. Whether it’s rewriting the words over and over again until they sound right, or creating a mind map to get all your ideas down on paper before they disappear, there is no right way to go about creating the perfect wedding vows. Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration to get heading in the right direction.

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