What to do if you go over your wedding budget

In an ideal scenario, we would create the perfect wedding for less than our budget, and we would have a few thousand left over to have the honeymoon of our dreams. I mean, that would be the life, wouldn’t it? Sadly, wedding planning rarely turns out that way, because when we get excited about beautiful flowers, table centrepieces, cutlery and live music, we just can’t stop. We’re like Veruca Salt… We have to have everything, and then we want even more! Although this makes us ridiculously giddy at the time (understatement of the century), we soon realise that the minus numbers are not ideal. So, what do you do if you go over your wedding budget?

Trim away the unnecessary items

By the time you realise that you’ve gone over your wedding budget, you have probably already bought all of the items you wanted for your wedding day. Your spare room is full of candles, wedding invitations, favours, and more – and it’s getting a bit out of hand. Because a wedding budget is there for a reason, you need to ensure that you stick to it. To do this, you may have to trim away the unnecessary items. Do you really need 600 candles for one day? Do you really need to emboss your invitations with gold lettering? Take one long look at all of the items you have bought for your wedding, and give them a second glance. If you really don’t need them, return them!

Incorporate a money tree into your wedding

Are you scratching your head and wondering what the heck a money tree is right now? Well, we think you’ll like it! The idea behind this money tree is that you place a small but beautiful tree somewhere within your wedding, along with some pegs. It could be next to the cake, or it could be on the gift table. Guests are under no obligation to do so, but they could attach money to this tree as a thank you for putting on such an incredible event, or to just get you started in your new life as a married couple. If you feel awkward about asking your guests outright to contribute to your wedding, you could include a money tree poem inside of your invitation, to give them the option in a fun and thoughtful way.

Sell the items you no longer need

Once you’re done and dusted with your big day, you will probably still be reeling from just how magical it was. However, the price of it all and the fact that you went over budget may still be playing on your mind – and we don’t blame you! Instead of worrying about the overspending, it’s best to deal with it there and then. One of the best ways to do this is to sell the items you no longer need. If you didn’t hire your centrepieces, your decorations, or other aspects of your wedding, they might just be sat somewhere in your house. Instead of letting them gather dust, sell them! Other budding brides and grooms would love to snatch up these wedding items for a bargain, and you can get some of your cash back.

Deal with it and reap the rewards!

While we like to promote a budget wedding, there are some instances where you just have to push the boat out and create something truly special. So, what’s the harm if you’ve gone a few hundred pounds over your budget? Of course, we would never want you to get into financial trouble or bite off more than you could chew, so it is important that you keep track of your spending. Yet, if you can go over your budget just a smidge, it will probably be worth it. After all, you’re only going to get married once!

Are you currently stressing out about being over your wedding budget? Well, it’s time to calm down and take control of the situation, because there are loads of ways to combat this. You just need to know how!

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