What is the average cost of wedding bells for a church wedding?

Ding dong – it’s that time of the year already. Yup, that’s right, we’re talking about your big day! Perhaps you have opted for a classic church setting for your ceremony? One of the biggest decisions is whether to chime wedding bells or whether to have a more quiet affair. So what is the average cost of wedding bells for a church wedding? It might not be as much as you once thought…

The history of wedding bells

Did you know that having bells at your wedding dates all the way back to Celtic times? Churches were believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits as well as being able to grant wishes. Many newlyweds would ring the bells before the ceremony to tell everyone in the land they had found happiness. However, in Scotland, couples would chime their bells after the wedding to let everyone know they were about to leave the church as a married couple for the first time. Now, they can be one of the most recognized aspects of any modern church wedding.

The average cost of wedding bells

Believe it or not, church bells don’t come as part of a standard church wedding. No, you will need to factor them into the budget if you want to chime out your big day. After all, the bell ringers will need their wages paid. So how much do they cost? Well, that depends on how long you want your bells to ring. If you’re happy for 15 minutes of bell ringing at the end of the ceremony, then the average price is around £120. However, 15 minutes both before and after the ceremony should cost on average £200 but could rise up to £500 depending on your local church. Are they worth it?

Pros of church bells

If you want the traditional wedding, then chances are you have probably imagined walking out the church doors with wedding bells chiming away in the background? We thought so. This can be a huge pro for many looking to stick to the traditional rules. Plus, you might find yourself reaping all the benefits of the church’s alleged luck and wish-granting powers. As if that wasn’t enough, church bells can also be a massive bonus for those tying the knot in their local area. They are a symbol that the happy couple have officially said “I do” and are about to make their way to the reception.

Cons of church bells

Although church bells can be a significant pro for many, they also have their cons. Mainly, they can be another expense that many couples could use to save money. After all, could you justify spending a few hundred to hear some bells for a few minutes? Many couples enjoy the setting of a church wedding, but they also have several costs that might not come with other wedding venues. Plus, you could find yourself having to change your church. Why? Many churches no longer have bells meaning you could travel a further distance just to hear that marital chime in the background.

Deciding whether to have wedding bells on your big day is tough, but now we know the average cost of wedding bells for a church wedding it can make the decision a lot easier. If you have money left in the budget and can’t imagine a big day without their recognisable chime then why not splash out? However, if you’re looking for a way to save money, then this could be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

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