Wedding gifts that won’t break the bank

You’ve got the invite through the door and can’t wait to see the happy couple walk down the aisle. That’s great! But what about if that summer holiday budget or surprise bill has left your bank account looking a little dry? No worries, there are several great wedding gifts that won’t break the bank and still show you care. Here are some of the best wedding gifts on a budget that the bride and groom will LOVE!

Wedding gift ideas on a budget for 2018


Maybe the new couple love to get busy in the kitchen? (Not like that!) Or perhaps they have recently moved into a new house and need to stock up on supplies? Getting something to add to their new heart of the home can be the perfect way to show you care without breaking the bank. Plus, both halves can enjoy the fun of trying to cook up a creation as a newly married pair – perfect.

Wall plaque

These are simple additions that can bring any home to life. It could be going down the personalised route of a Mr. & Mrs. board, or opting for an uplifting slogan to help make any house feel like a home. They don’t have to cost a fortune, and you can express your emotions to the newlyweds with this permanent reminder. Aww – aren’t we sweet?

Candles or candle holders

These two can go together or be separate. The choice is yours! These make brilliant wedding gifts thanks to their versatility. Need a bookshelf that needs spicing up? Get a candle! Got a spare space on the coffee table? Here’s a candle holder! Plus, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can get a scent that means something to the newlyweds. Now, they’ll think of you every time they light it up.

Photo frame

Some of the best memories from the wedding day can be captured in photos. These can be great for newlyweds to prop around the house to remind themselves of the big day. One great wedding gift that won’t cost a fortune is a photo frame. There are so many styles out there to suit everyone’s taste. From vintage to modern and everything in between – you can never have too many frames!


There is nothing better than climbing into bed after a long day, are we right? The smell of fresh sheets is second to none. Bed linen doesn’t have to break the bank thanks to many high street stores offering up lines of their own. If you want something a bit different, have you thought about getting some fresh towels for the bathroom? If you really want to push the boat out, you could even look at getting them embroidered.


Ah yes, the good ol’ fashion gift of a few green leaves. Although it may not be the most personal of all wedding gifts, the new couple may be relieved to have some extra cash coming their way. You don’t have to straight up offer plain money either. By placing it in a special card with a handwritten note, you could contribute towards a honeymoon or a special treat for their next step as a married couple.

Money banks

You may not want to break the bank with your wedding gift, but that doesn’t mean the couple can’t get smashing, does it? After months of saving, the newlyweds may be happy to see the back of the bank for a while. However, there are always those rainy day funds that come in handy. Whether you get a honeymoon, new arrival, or DIY fund pot, the options are endless and incredibly thoughtful.

There are several wedding gifts that won’t break the bank but still show the newlyweds you care. While we want to enjoy their big day alongside them, it doesn’t mean we have to bankrupt ourselves, does it? After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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