Wedding games to keep your guests entertained on a budget

You might have thought saying “I do” was the best bit of the wedding – you must have forgotten about all the wedding games still yet to come out at the reception. How could we have been so silly?! Now you can keep your guests entertained on a budget while still making your big day the most memorable time of your life. Nice.


It’s an oldie but a goodie, and who doesn’t love seeing how many pieces you can remove before your tower finally topples over? This can be played inside or out, standard size or giant – the possibilities are endless! Plus, the blocks can be reused as a beautiful wedding book alternative as their guests can write their messages on each piece of the tower.

Ring/horseshoe toss

If you have an outdoor reception, why not bring some of the countryside to your venue? These wedding games can be picked up for a small price tag or can even be made by hand if you have a wooden post and have some old horseshoes lying around – or know a farrier. Plus, your guests will get to unleash their inner competitiveness while sticking to the budget.

The shoe game

This game works by the bride and groom holding one each of their shoes while sitting back to back. The guests then get to ask questions such as “Who made the first move?” or “Who is the laziest?” and the bride and groom secretly hold up the shoe of the person they want to answer. It’s an entirely free game but will guarantee to keep you and your guests entertained.

Board games

You don’t have to go all out when trying to entertain your wedding guests on a budget. In fact, a popular choice of wedding games is to search the cupboards at home for any board games you have lying around and dedicate a corner of the reception to be the playing section. You could even ask your guests to bring their favourites if you want to try out some new ones!

Picture scavenger hunt

A picture scavenger will get guests on their feet as well as stick to the budget. All you need to do is write out a selection of photos to find, such as someone kissing or someone dad dancing, and place them on every table. Then it’s up to the guests to hunt down all the photos as quickly as they can. It’s table vs. table in the ultimate wedding game without the hefty price tag.

Giant snakes and ladders

Yup, you read that right: giant snakes and ladders. All you need is a giant dice (that can be picked up online for a small price) and something to make your snakes and ladders. It could be scarves, sticks, or even old wooden ladders you have lying around. Although, we’d avoid using any real snakes. Then it’s a case of the guests using their bodies as the pieces in the game. Sounds pretty awesome to us!


Ah, this Great British classic that can make any of us feel like the inner posh tot we are. In reality, it’s a group of people using mallets to whack a wooden ball a hard as they can. Croquet kits are now available just about anywhere and don’t have to cost a fortune. Plus, they can go with the theme by adding in some decor to your route or even turning into crazy croquet with some dastardly obstacles.

Dart paint board

This might not be so much of a game, but is certainly a way to keep your guests entertained on a budget. Plus, it’s super simple to build. All you need are some balloons and paint, and you’re there! Simply fill the balloons with paint and attach them to a board. Then your guests get to throw darts and pop all the colours to create a unique piece of art that can stay with you for the rest of your marriage.


A major aspect of marriage is building your new lives together. So why not get your guests to fit in all the pieces of the puzzle, too? Only this time, they get to do it literally. It could be a personal puzzle of a family photo or one you have had lying around for years – either puzzle will work. The best bit? Your guests can come and go, adding as many pieces as they like along the way.

Keeping your guests entertained doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, with all these wedding games, you could soon find yourself setting the bar high for any receptions to come in the future. The best part is you and your guests will be kept entertained the entire evening. It will be a shame to see the night end!

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