Top wedding budgeting apps

The App Store on iPhones has been in our lives since 2008. Since then, many phone companies have helped to grow the database, and now we can download just about anything on nearly all smartphones. That includes help with planning the big day, especially when it comes to working out that crucial budget. Here are the top wedding budgeting apps that will help you plan your perfect wedding.


If you’re looking for a wedding planner in your pocket, then this is definitely an app worth checking out. To start you simply enter your wedding date and the rest is planned for you! The app works by mapping out all aspects needed for the big day, such as getting those invites out and how many staff you need to hire. To top it off, WeddingHappy also tracks who you’ve paid and who still requires payment, as well as how much of your budget you’ve spent.


This is another of those wedding budgeting apps that has everything in one handy place, in addition to a having a seating planner built in. Another aspect of iWedPlanner is their budget calculation section. This enables users to input all their predicted expenses. All you do is tot up how much the estimated cost is of each part before adding in how much you actually need to spend. Once it’s paid, you can check it off to keep everything organised.


This is a wedding planner, and app all rolled into one. Bridebook has a feature that allows users to search through the UK’s top wedding venues, alongside florists, photographers, and all other wedding components. Users can then save the recommendations as well as get an average price quote all in one place. Once you know your budget, Bridebook will track how much of your budget you have spent and notify you of the remaining percentage. The best bit? It comes on iPad too.


This wedding budgeting app allows you to add in your own costs alongside their due date and whether they have been paid or not. There are also a number of tips on offer to help plan your big day down to a T as well as a to-do list section. As if that wasn’t enough, LadyMarry also has a built-in wedding countdown clock. Not only can you enjoy watching the days tick down, but you can also share it with your friends and family!

Wedding Planner by Guides for Brides

This app has been developed by professionals who have had over 20 years experience in the wedding industry. Wedding Planner’s task list is said to be one of the most advanced in the UK and helps couple-to-be keep on top of everything that needs to be done. Their budget section is also incredibly in depth. They have sections to include the budget, quote, deposit, and balance for every part of your wedding to help see where the money is being spent.


Strictly speaking, this isn’t a wedding budgeter, but Fudget is one of the leading budgeting apps on the market. This app allows users to create lists of incomings and outgoings as you plan the big day. Plus, with Fudget you can mark any expenses once they have been paid and keep track of how much money is left in the bank. To top it off, the app offers a password-protection option to keep all your bid day secrets under wraps.

Smartphones – what would we do without them, eh? They have killed plenty of time, but now it looks as though they could save a ton as well as help pinch those pennies when planning a wedding. The best bit is these wedding budgeting apps can come with you no matter where you go – wedding planning never has to stop!

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