Top tips for wedding entertainment on a budget

The best way to celebrate the wedding of two people who are head over heels in love with each other is to take to the dance floor and boogie the night away, right? Of course, we’re not telling you and your guests to have a dance-off in the middle of your venue (you know, unless you want to), but it is important for your guests to be entertained in the evenings. After all, no evening reception would be complete without a few drinks and an uncle who really tries his hardest to dance – but just can’t quite crack it. But what happens if you haven’t got thousands of pounds to secure Beyoncé as your main form of entertainment? Well, here are top tips for wedding entertainment on a budget…

Look closer to home

Most people book a band or a DJ to play at their wedding and entertain their guests, but this can often set you back a few hundred pounds… and then some! But why would you pay so much if you have music a little closer to home? It may be that your sister is a dab hand at the piano, your brother-in-law has the voice of Michael Buble, and that your aunt can (surprisingly) shred an electric guitar as if her life depends on it. For one night, and one night only, give them the chance to bestow you with the coolest gift of them all. Yep, ask them to form a band and perform at your wedding!

It’s all about the size

Although we like to tell the men in our life that size doesn’t matter, it definitely does matter when you’re booking your wedding entertainment. If you’re looking to incorporate live music into your wedding, you’re probably searching for an awesome band with loads of band members who can bring an eclectic and energetic atmosphere to your big day – but that’s the first mistake. Bands form their prices and their fees based on the number of people in the band, because they all need to be paid. Because of this, bands with more people in them will be more expensive. So, go for the smaller bands.

DIY the entertainment

Couples often feel under pressure to bring amazing entertainment to their guests, but if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, this just sometimes isn’t possible. Instead of shelling out for awkward DJ’s who still plays “Puppy Love” as it was a number one hit, why don’t you do it yourself! Nowadays, it’s so easy to create an epic Spotify playlist for the evening and plug it into a speaker. This way you have full control over the music and the entertainment, and you can become your own personal DJ! It’s also a good idea to give your guests alternative entertainment options, just in case they’re not up for getting down with the kids. You could bring along garden games, board games, or ask your uncle to be a magician for the night.

Choose your dates wisely

We already know that one of the best ways to save on your wedding as a whole is to book your big day outside of the wedding season – and the same idea can be said for booking your wedding entertainment. If you’re dead-set on booking a DJ or a band, you’ll find that the prices are more expensive in the Spring and Summer. This is because they know that they can get the work, but this is not guaranteed during the winter months. In fact, this gives you even more haggling power! If you can, book your wedding during the autumn and winter months to get the best price on everything you could possibly need for your wedding.

No wedding would be complete without some form of wedding entertainment, but it’s up to you just what you choose to go with. Do you want a band? Do you want a DJ? Do you want to include games? Whatever you choose, always make sure you’re getting the best deal so that you stick within your wedding budget. We care about you and your budget, you know.

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