Top DIY ideas for wedding food

There are many reasons that you may wish to DIY your wedding food – for example, perhaps you are on a tight budget, can’t find a caterer that is just right, or you simply want to do it yourself so you can have exactly what you want. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or professional baker to make your own wedding food, but it does require some serious planning and organisation. That said, when it’s your big day, and you’re tucking into a feast that is entirely your own creation, you can feel proud that you did it yourself! Here are our top DIY ideas for wedding food – they’re guaranteed to get your stomach rumbling.


There is nothing worse than being a hungry guest at a wedding, and if you are making your own wedding food, you can make sure this doesn’t happen by providing some delicious canapes. Canapes do not always have to be overly fancy bites that your guests will only pretend to like (I’m looking at you, savoury profiteroles!), because when you DIY your wedding canapes, the choice is entirely yours. Check out this Good Food post which shows you how to make five different savoury party bites – all of which have different variations so you can customise them to suit you and your guests. You’ll also find plenty more top DIY ideas for wedding food on sites like Good Food, so dig through.

Picnics are great for those needing DIY wedding food ideas


Who doesn’t love a picnic?! With a DIY picnic wedding breakfast, you can go as posh (or not!) as you like. Perhaps you want a selection of fine cheeses and slices of continental meats, or maybe you want sausage rolls and scotch eggs. There are so many options that you really can tailor this to your tastes – vegetable crudites and dips, crisps, salads, falafel and quiche; there really is no limit! Pack the picnics for several people to share, and your guests will fast become friends! Why not ask them to bring their own drinks and picnic blankets to really add to the feel? Just don’t forget the cutlery!

Tea party

For something wonderfully twee or quintessentially British, grab some vintage teapots and scones and put on a tea party for your wedding food. This works well if you are having a late afternoon ceremony and perhaps don’t need a full meal; just something sweet to tide your guests over until the evening. When it comes to DIY wedding food, a tea party is one of the easiest and most Instagrammable! Grab some friends to help you make some finger sandwiches, get some cakes and scones – and don’t forget the jam and clotted cream. To add an extra touch, scour charity shops for mismatched china sets, and cake stands on which to put all your delicious bites. Et voila! A classy but cute DIY wedding spread.


There is never a bad time for a BBQ, and a DIY wedding BBQ is proof of this! The smell of a BBQ cooking, the fact that it is so quick to cook, plus relatively cheap, and the social nature of manning a BBQ makes this a great option for an outdoor wedding. It’s important that you establish your grill cook in advance and ask them to stay sober, at least until the food is cooked! Have a varied mix of foods, from sausages and steak to chicken, ribs and something vegetarian. (Make sure you use a different side of the grill for the veggie options!). Complement these cooked items with salad, coleslaw, and perhaps baked potatoes and wedges too – and don’t forget the buns! One of the most simple and cheap DIY ideas for wedding food.

DIY wedding food ideas - How about a BBQ?


A buffet is a great way of offering food that appeals to all of your guests and makes sure everyone gets exactly what they want on their plate. There are so many different types of buffet that you could make – perhaps you could pay homage to your family culture by choosing food that represents you, or maybe just a whole load of food that you both love. Another way of spreading the load (and the cost!) is to ask your guests to bring a dish each, like a potluck, so you end up with a variety of different foods. This is especially great if you are on a tight budget, but be sure to organise what each person is bringing, otherwise, you might end up with 20 tuna pasta salads! Trust us… We’ve seen it happen.

The cake

A wedding cake is a pretty important part of your day and making it yourself would give so much more meaning to it. BBC Good Food has a whole load of recipes of different flavours of wedding cake to make, so why not experiment and find your favourite? Any excuse to get baking. If you are not going to a cake maker, you might feel sad about missing out on the cake tasting, so just do one yourself in your own home! You can freeze cakes for a few weeks once they have been made, before you decorate them, so this is one way you can spread the workload out for yourself.

Of course, a wedding cake does not have to be a ‘cake’. You could make a tower of cheeses, cookies, pork pies or mini cupcakes instead. It is your wedding day, and if you are making your own wedding cake you can make it anything you want it to be! Don’t forget to add some fun decorations that tie in with your theme, and tell everyone who will listen that it was you who made it (of course).

Although DIY’ing your own wedding food, is a great way to end up with exactly what you want, making it is likely to be pretty stressful – especially on top of everything else you have to do for the day! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and get as much done in advance as possible to give yourself less to worry about the closer it gets. Enlist your ushers and bridesmaids to help with the serving of the food so that you can enjoy your big day!

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