The ultimate guide to saving money on wedding dresses

Did you know the average wedding dress in the UK costs a staggering £1,209?! We think we need to sit down after that news. However, things don’t have to be as pricey as they first seem. In fact, we have put together the ultimate guide to saving money on wedding dresses that not only get you the look you’re after but also help stick to the budget. Who said you couldn’t have it all?

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Lace it up

Corsets on dresses can look beautiful. Plus, you’ll get a team bonding exercise before the ceremony as it’s all hands on deck to lace you into your creation. But did you know that opting for a corset dress could save you big bucks? The lacing means you can easily do it up as tight or as loose as you need without the need for alterations along the way. This isn’t just a one-time money saving plan; this is a long-term investment to help save money on your wedding dress.

Hit the high street

We might browse through our favourite high street stores all the time, but that doesn’t mean we always see their full range on offer. In fact, many of the shops offer a vast party outfit range. Although not everything might be suitable, there is usually a massive range of prom and occasion dresses waiting to be discovered. The best bit? They come without the huge price tag. As if that wasn’t enough, you could find yourself in a completely unique gown for your big day thanks to no one else cottoning on to the idea. You’re welcome.

Less is more

That’s right; less really can be more – especially when it comes to saving money on wedding dresses. All that beading or the bling detailing might look beautiful when you see the dress up close, but many of the guests won’t appreciate the full style as they’ll be on the other side of the room. Rather than wasting money on details that could go entirely unnoticed, why not opt for a simpler design? This also goes for all those bows and added sleeves. They all add up in the long run and could see your price skyrocket.

Thinking outside the country

Ordering online can be a risky game to play, but it could have some major payoffs in the end. Many countries have gowns on offer at much lower prices. This means you can often save a fortune on the dress for your big day, even after you’ve added on the cost of shipping. If you don’t want to risk buying from abroad, then many stores have set up online only. Without the cost of renting space, they can offer up dresses for a much lower price than their competitors.

Hit the sales

Say no more – we don’t need another excuse to get out there and hit the sales. However, when it comes to buying your wedding dress, this could save even more money than usual. Many shops will offer up last seasons stock for a much lower price as they clear room for their new gowns. You’d be amazed by some of the discounts! This isn’t just for high street stores either. No, even the designers can drastically reduce their designs and still have dresses on offer within budget. Just be careful as it’s not long before they fly off the shelf.

Visit charity shops

You don’t have to visit the latest designer shop to find the dress of your dreams. Sometimes they are lying in your local charity shop, and occasionally they even have the designer label to match. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the feeling of helping out a charity. It’s a win-win situation! Many charities now offer wedding specific shops up and down the country that are filled to the brim with gowns from weddings gone by. Why should a dress get worn for just one day before being stored away forever? Now, you can continue on its story.

Pick one closest to your style

This is an important decision for your big day, especially if you want to save money on your wedding dress. Sure, not every choice will be perfect. Perhaps it would be better with a few bows or if it was a little shorter? These alterations are simple enough. However, choosing a dress that needs an entire makeover could end up costing a fortune. Adding or removing sleeves, or totally reworking the neckline are both ways you can quickly see the price skyrocket. Choosing a style closest to your idea of perfect should help save a ton of money, in the long run, thanks to less time with the seamstress.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Does your mum or grandmother have a dress they wore on their big day? Vintage weddings are hugely on trend right now, and there’s no better way to inject a touch of something old into your big day than by reusing one of their old dresses. If you want, and you have the budget, you could even take one of their gowns and have it updated to fit in with the theme of your day. This could be something simple such as adding in some minor detailing all the way up to creating an entirely new gown out of the base layer.

Don’t worry about designer

Some people might find themselves all in a twist at the thought of walking down the aisle in anything less than a designer frock. However, saving money on wedding dresses means you might have to change your ideas – and fast. After all, who will even know who designed your gown unless you walk around the entire ceremony with the label hanging out the back? And last time we checked, that wasn’t a good look for anyone. Opting for a dress that’s not attached to a famous name could see the price of the gown drop like a stone. Doesn’t that sound better?

Choose a shorter dress

Shorter dresses are becoming more and more popular, especially with couples saying “I do” at an outdoor ceremony. That’s not the only reason they are an ever-growing trend. Less material means less cost. It’s as simple as that! Plus, shorter dresses tend not to have the pouffiness of the larger, princess style ball gowns which can save even more money in the long run. As if that wasn’t enough, shorter wedding dresses can be the perfect way to create a unique outfit while still looking beautiful.

Hopefully, with the ultimate guide to saving money on wedding dresses, you will soon be able to pick up your winning gown without having to worry about the price. Sure, you want to look your best, but why does that mean you should pay the Earth to feel like a princess? It doesn’t, and we won’t stand by and watch it happen. Now, it’s time to hit the shops and track down that bargain.

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