The ultimate guide to groom and groomsmen accessories on a budget

You may think you’re prepared for your big day once the suit is sorted, but your job isn’t over yet. If you don’t have the right groom and groomsmen accessories to bring the outfit together, you won’t look as smart as you could do. These add-ons might not seem necessary when you’re trying to get married on a budget, but there are some great finds out there that won’t break the bank.


This is one of the areas where variation is the most diverse. Do you go for a tie or cravat? Maybe you mix things up and go for a bow tie, but will it work with your outfit? Then you have to think about the design. Are you going to match the colour with the bridesmaids’ dresses? Will it be a solid colour or patterned? Is the groom’s tie going to be the same as his groomsmens’?

So many questions, but don’t stress. There’s sure to be somewhere cheap for whatever you want to buy.

The Tie Specialist has an extensive range of ties in the region of £10-£15. Some of the silk options go over £20, but the site has something for everyone at an affordable price. It’s the same situation with their cravats, which average around £15, and their bow ties that are almost all under £20.

Pocket squares

While neckwear is the best way to add some colour to a groom’s or groomsman’s suit, pocket squares also help to brighten up your wedding attire. Given it’s best to coordinate the colour and pattern of this with your neckwear, you’re best off buying both from the same place.

Again, the Tie Specialist offers a great range of pocket squares, most of which go for around £5.99. Other sites worth exploring include Ties R Us, where you can buy a tie and pocket square combo for £15-22, and the slightly cheaper Moss Bros. Both sites offer a choice of ties and bow ties, although the latter is more restricted in what it has available.


Cufflinks are a great way to show some personality when you’re walking down the aisle. For some men, these are things that are passed down to them by their father for their wedding day. However, for a lot of us, cufflinks are yet another thing we have to pay out for. Luckily, you can find them for a pretty affordable price in many stores.

Places like Debenhams are worth checking out when they have a sale on, as you can find a good range of stylish options between £10-20. Likewise, M&S has a nice, albeit limited, selection of affordable cufflinks.

The Tie Specialist and Ties R Us are also worth shopping at, with price ranges that lean on either side of this average. Although the former is more in the region of £15-25, they specialise in affordable novelty cufflinks, from rubber ducks with sunglasses to red and yellow football cards. Over on Ties R Us, you can buy cufflinks for just £5.99, so long as you’re happy with something that’s just a solid colour.


You’ve got to wear something on your feet, right? Shoes might be a little more expensive than your other accessories, but they’re still perfectly affordable.

Slater Menswear and Jacamo have some swanky options which go as cheap as £19-26, though it depends on what colour and style you want. Likewise, Debenhams has a good selection, but you can only really buy them for £20-40 when there’s a sale.

Your best bet might be with They have a varied range of formal shoes that come under £30, some of which are great if you have eccentric taste.

Dressing yourself and your groomsmen for the big day isn’t going to cost you a fortune. If you’re willing to shop around, you can find some incredible deals for groom and groomsmen accessories online. You don’t even have to change your stylistic visions for your outfit to find something affordable.

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