The best places in the world for a budget honeymoon

You know what? You DESERVE a honeymoon! Yep, if you’re in the process of planning your dream wedding on a budget, you’ll know that it can get a little stressful at times. And when we say a little stressful, we mean a lot stressful. While you try to think of the end result and the fact that you will soon be marrying the love of your life, your bridesmaid isn’t keen on her dress, the caterer conveniently forgot to add a vegetarian option on the your menu for your cousin Amethyst, and you’re starting to pull your hair out at the thought of planning a seating plan around all of your family feuds. You need a holiday. In fact, you need a honeymoon! Here are the best places in the world for a budget honeymoon.


Best budget honeymoon destinations  - Ireland

While it may be just a short flight across the sea for us Brits, Ireland is the perfect budget honeymoon destination if you’re looking for a short-haul flight to a completely new environment. Yuh-huh, the luck of the Irish will definitely be on your side if you choose Ireland as your honeymoon of choice, as you have various different areas to take your pick from. If you’re looking to experience the bustling city life of the country, a Dublin honeymoon is a must. Visit the Temple Bar for a pint of Guinness before exploring what the capital of the Emerald Isle has to offer down its cobbled streets. If the city isn’t what you’re after, the Irish countryside offers quaint B&Bs and hotels that overlook green fields, freshwater lakes, or even the Atlantic ocean.

Puerto Rico

Top budget honeymoon destinations - Puerto Rico

If you’re looking to shock your senses while on a budget honeymoon, you just HAVE to book your flights to Puerto Rico… like, right away! Although the flights may cost you a bit more than your standard flights around Europe, the price of food, drink, and activities on this Caribbean island are super cheap. In recent months, Puerto Rico has been devastated by hurricanes and wild weather and is slowly rebuilding itself. The tourist areas of the island are still as beautiful as ever, and the prices have been slashed due to these changes in their landscape. Not only will this offer you a budget honeymoon destination, but your money will also help to rebuild the island completely. What could be better than that? Check out Puerto Rico’s secluded beaches, snorkel with giant sea turtles, and wander the streets of this colourful island.


Spain is a hugely popular holiday and honeymoon destination for tourists and newlyweds alike – but its neighbour feels a little left out every so often. Yep, Portugal deserves its place on this list of the best places in the world for a budget honeymoon, because it offers newlyweds the chance to explore the culture of a new country while chillin’ out, maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool on the beach. Known as one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in Europe, Portugal is just a slice of the price of its Spanish and Greek neighbours and offers honeymooners cheap accommodation, food, drink and even car rental services. While we’d always recommend a trip to Lisbon, why not rent a car and travel the country with your new husband or wife?


If you’re the kind of couple that likes to explore completely new cultures, Vietnam should definitely be at the top of your budget honeymoon destination list. As a conglomeration of city-life and island-life, Vietnam is the perfect mix of culture and luxury on a budget. Stay in wooden lodges right on the beach and explore Halong Bay in all of its glory, check out the Buddhist temples in Hanoi, and rent a moped to Ho Chi Minh City where you can check out the epic architecture and bustling lifestyle they lead. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the whole thing will be dirt cheap. Street food is a staple in Vietnam, which means that you can get a full meal for less than £5 each.

South Africa

When you think of South Africa, you probably suck in your breath and squirm at the idea of the hefty price tag that must be attached to a honeymoon of that sorts. Well, breathe out, ladies and gentlemen, because South Africa can be a budget honeymoon destination! Although you will need to shell out for the flights, once you’re in the country you can save money on everything from travel, to food, to activities. Catch the ridiculously low priced sleeper trains from Cape Town to Johannesburg, stay in a winery hotel on the Western Cape for a budget price, or DIY your own safari for pennies when you get behind the wheel at drive the Kruger National Park’s self-drive and two-wheel-drive-friendly pathways.


If you’re looking for a relaxing honeymoon complete with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, incredible food and a heck load of tequila – Mexico is your guy. However, don’t just give in to the first Mexico honeymoon you see and buy flights and a hotel in Cancun. As a true tourist destination, honeymoons to Cancun can tip your budget. Instead, opt for the smaller and secluded area of Tulum. This destination offers newlywed couples budget-friendly all-inclusive resorts on the beach for a fraction of the price. All you need to worry about is slathering on your suntan lotion and trying every single dish on the menu.

Booking a budget honeymoon destination doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, finding the best places in the world for a budget honeymoon is easy once you know how. Use comparison sites, check out honeymoon packages, and remember these 8 top tips for organising a dream honeymoon on a budget.

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