The 20 best UK wedding blogs in 2018

If you’re currently sat in front of a blank wedding planner, twiddling your thumbs, staring at your dazzling engagement ring (*wink*), and wracking your brain for inspiration to strike… You might need a little bit of help. No, we’re not telling you to ask your mother-in-law to plan your wedding for you, but it IS okay to look to others for advice, guidance, and support. In fact, there are hundreds of wedding bloggers out there who aim to help budding bride and grooms like yourself plan their perfect day. Don’t believe us? Check out the 20 best UK wedding blogs in 2018.

1. Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding is arguably one of the biggest wedding blogs in the British Isles – which means that they’re kind of a big deal. Would we lie to you? This dedicated team of wedding buffs can provide you with information and inspiration for everything from your wedding theme and planning schedule, to your gift list and so much more. They have a really cool quirky style about them, too.

2. Love My Dress

After Annabel Beeforth planned her own wedding in 2009, she realised that there was a gap in the market for a wedding blog that had every single piece of information you could possibly need on it. So, she decided to fill it! This blog will get you in the wedding groove as you read inspiration and look at real-life weddings that have been sent in by readers. Could yours be next?

3. Brides Up North

If you live in the north of the country, this blog isn’t for you. Just kidding, it’s most certainly for you! The aim of Brides Up North is to encourage northern brides to plan their wedding locally. They offer all of the best venue options, bridal shops, and they even keep you up with wedding fairs that are coming up.

4. Boho Weddings

Well, the clue is kinda in the title, but if you fancy yourself as a bohemian bride, then you will definitely want to check out the Boho Weddings blog. With inspiration surrounding boho venues, boho entertainment, boho decorations and boho dresses – there is a whole host of personality in this one.

5. Mr & Mrs Unique

Let’s be honest, not everyone is into the ‘traditional’ wedding, and Mr & Mrs Unique are on hand to ensure that you can cater for something a little more… Unique! Offering inspiration and advice for all things weird, wonderful and wacky, these guys “champion the rare and hold aloft the shiny” to make your wedding stand out.

6. Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding was created by a true wedding lover, who loves to show off her own (pretty amazing) wedding, as well as the incredible photographs of her readers’ weddings. With stunning photography, unique themes, intricate details and beautiful dresses, this blog is enough to get your wedding planning cogs whirring.

7. The Natural Wedding Company

If you’re into saving the environment and living an eco-friendly life, you probably want to incorporate this into your wedding… but where do you start? Well, The Natural Wedding Company has got your back and offers inspiration, advice and connections to create an eco-chic celebration of your love. We’re sold!

8. Gay Wedding Blog

With so many heterosexual wedding blogs out there, the Gay Wedding Blog is a breath of fresh air. Within their blog, these guys are aiming to show the world that same-sex weddings don’t always go along with the stereotype and can be elegant, lavish, fun and/or funky. The world’s your oyster! If you’re not inspired here, we don’t know where you will be.

9. Festival Brides

Festival Brides first appeared on our pixels in 2011, after Laura Dunstone and her fiancé realised that their plan to create the perfect festival-inspired wedding was going to have to be a complete DIY job. WIth little information or inspiration online, they decided to give fellow festival lovers the chance to create their own wedding of dreams.

10. Weddings Online

If you live in Ireland, the Weddings Online blog will be the best UK wedding blog you could ever stumble upon in 2018. Offering connections to some of the best venues, bridal boutiques, and decorations in Ireland, Weddings Online offers the ultimate Irish inspiration for your dream day.

11. The English Wedding Blog

Claire Gould created The English Wedding blog with an aim to inspire budding brides and grooms in the run-up to their wedding day. She offers awesome photographs of real weddings, news about the latest wedding trends, and focuses on wedding suppliers in the England the UK. She’s proud to be British!

12. Bridal Musings

Elizabeth Muhmood Kane’s complete obsession with weddings is apparent in her Bridal Musings blog – and we’re kind of in love with her for it. This wedding buff regularly updates her page with the coolest wedding trends and inspiration. From plannings tips and venue options, through to registry tricks, everything is under one roof. Or webpage.

13. Smashing the Glass

As one of the largest Jewish wedding directories in the world, Smashing the Glass has been featured in major publications in the UK for many years. On this blog, Karen Cinnamon uses her Jewish heritage to inspire brides and grooms who are hoping to add a splash of their culture into their wedding day. She knows her stuff!

14. B.LOVED Blog

If you’re looking to plan a chic and contemporary wedding, B.LOVED Blog has this in bucketfuls. With an aim to bring everything “luxe & lovely” into your life, you can use all of the inspiration, tips and tricks from this blog to plan your very own dream wedding – and it’s gonna make you super excited.

15. Quirky Nuptials

We couldn’t put together a list of the best UK wedding blogs without including Quirky Nuptials – which is owned by one of our very own writers and all-round quirky Goddess, Codie Wright! While it may be a fairly new kid on the block compared to some of the others on our list, prepare to be dazzled with real life weddings, including Codie’s own one (which is stunning, by the way). Definitely the perfect place for some quirkyspiration.

16. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

If you’re the kind of bride to be who loves a bit of whimsical in her life (who doesn’t), then Whimsical Wonderland Weddings has got your back. This wedding blog focuses on every kind of wedding imaginable, as long as it is filled with personality, happiness, and love. It’s right up our street.

17. One Fab Day

With a whopping 380,000 visitors each month, it’s not just us who think that One Fab Day is a pretty fab wedding blog. Focusing on beautiful weddings that are both stylish and utterly unique, this blog gives bride-to-be’s around the UK the chance to soak up some wedding inspo while falling in love all over again.

18. Rock n Roll Bride

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that the Rock n Roll Bride blog doesn’t deal with brides and grooms who want a stereotypical wedding. With alternative wedding options, this blog will fill your brain with cool and quirky ideas to incorporate into your own day. These guys also have their own magazine, which is filled with glorious inspiration!

19. Plans and Presents

The Plans and Presents blog is run by Alison, who is a self-confessed wedding geek. After planning her own wedding a decade or so, she has since found a passion for helping others plan their own wedding. From wedding theme ideas to beautiful bridal photo shoots and more, your eyes will thank you for this one.

20. Nu Bride

Nu Bride has won numerous awards for its content – which means you should really check it out. With the aim to add a splash of diversity into the UK wedding industry, this blog offers couples from all backgrounds the chance to add their own little touches to their big day. With real-life wedding inspo, tips, tricks and more, this one is a keeper.

Bonus: 21. Wedding Budgeter

Of course, you could always peruse the offerings we have here at Wedding Budgeter. Everything you need to plan the perfect dream day without breaking the bank can be found here. What more could you want?!

These 20 best wedding blogs in the UK are definitely going to be keeping us busy in 2018. But we do have one problem… Which one are we going to read first?!

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