Should you buy your wedding dress from eBay?

When you were a child, you probably dreamt of your wedding day and envisioned yourself wearing a bright-pink princess-style dress with a train two miles long, complete with butterflies, a jewelled crown and fairy lights all over it. It’s okay; you were young. You were foolish. Now that you’re older, you’ve realised that pink really isn’t your colour and that wearing a lengthy train wouldn’t help the fact that you struggle to walk in heels! Yet, you still have dreams of a perfect dress that looks as if it were made specifically for you. You venture to every bridal shop near your house, you try on countless dresses, and you still can’t find ‘the one’ you’ve been looking for. There’s only one option left – but should you buy a wedding dress from eBay?

You can rock the vintage look

The best thing about eBay is that you can literally find anything on this website. Yep, we really do mean everything – including wedding dresses! While you can buy brand new dresses on the selling site, you can also find unique and vintage pre-owned dresses that are waiting for new owners. Although buying a pre-loved wedding dress is not for everyone, there are other budding brides who know that they want something completely unique. Most of the time, you can’t find these kinds of dresses in high street bridal boutiques and have to look further afield. By searching on eBay, you may be able to find the quirky dress of a former bride who had exactly the same taste as you. The best part? Unlike many other used clothes, this dress has only been worn once before!

You can save a heck load of money

When you search for wedding dresses on eBay, there’s a high chance you will be faced with thousands of styles from sellers who sell direct from China. Many of the brands, companies, and individuals who sell these dresses in China also sell their dresses to bridal stores around the world – and you might have even tried one on already in your local bridal shop. By buying directly from these Chinese sellers, you are cutting out the middleman and avoiding the shop markups you would find off the rack. Because of this, you can save a heck load of money by buying your wedding dress from eBay. This money could then be used for another aspect of your wedding or even your budget honeymoon.

It may be completely different to the pictures

However, there are a few downsides to buying your wedding dress online from eBay. Because you are not physically shopping for a dress in a shop, you have absolutely no idea what it really looks like. Sure, there are photographs on the eBay page, but how are you supposed to know that this dress is legit? When you search online for wedding dresses bought from sites such as eBay, you are plagued with horror stories and pictures of dresses that look completely different to the pictures. The sizes are all wrong, the material is not even similar, and the style is not beautiful in the slightest.

You may not be able to return it

If you do realise that the wedding dress you bought from eBay isn’t quite what you had in mind, you might then try to return it. Unfortunately, you might hit a little snag. Alongside horror stories of ugly wedding dresses, many blushing brides also have horror stories of their exploits in trying to return the dresses to the eBay sellers. When looking for a refund, these sellers often ignore the customer, or completely disappear off the face of this earth. Not only does that mean you have no wedding dress, but it means you’ve also lost money.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision as to whether you buy a wedding dress from eBay or not. You decide whether you take the risk…

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