Men: Here’s everything you need to do before the wedding

Congratulations! You’re getting married! While the big day is still a little way down the road, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you are prepared for everything about to come your way as the groom. If you haven’t got the first clue where to start in the planning of your wedding, then check out these useful tips to make sure it all goes off without a hitch.

Be involved

Sure, the bride has been looking forward to this day for her whole life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want your input in how it should pan out. Planning a wedding is a stressful event, even if your future bride seems to be stressing just for stressing’s sake. One way to help the wedding planning go well is to get involved with as many of the decisions as possible. Take the initiative on some things to take away the burden from your bride-to-be.


You’ll want your best buds and closest family members to be a part of the wedding, so make sure you pick which ones are going to be your groomsmen well in advance. That gives them time to prepare as much as anything. You’ll have to keep tabs on them to make sure they are available for suit fittings and get them to understand what their duties are going to be on the big day. For their contribution to your wedding, you’ll need to pick out some great gifts to give them on the morning of the wedding. Make them personal and not something that’ll just be thrown to the back of a cupboard in a few years time.

Suit up

If you can’t look your best on your wedding day, then when can you? Make sure you pick out a suit for you and each of your groomsmen, you’ll want to make sure they are properly fitted to each person’s body shape. Discuss with the bride your options, as you’ll want to make sure your suit goes well with her and her bridesmaids’ dresses. Pick out your suits months in advance, get them measured and then a few weeks before the wedding have the final alterations done.

Bridal gift

Although people will often buy you gifts for tying the knot, you should buy your wife a present for your wedding day. Jewellery is a common gift to give the bride before things kick off, so find a nice necklace or bracelet that helps mark the day with a special memory. Your bride will be able to wear this piece of jewelry and be reminded of your special day together forever. Make the gift personal to you both, and you’ll be sure to put a smile on her face.


You’ll have to sit down and think about who you want to invite, maybe you have hundreds of friends and family, but the venue only holds 50 people. You’ll have to get whittling the numbers down to the people you truly believe are important in your life. That might mean making some tough decisions or preventing people from bringing a plus one.


Once the formalities are out of the way, everyone will have been plied with enough liquid courage to get themselves on the dancefloor. Choosing the entertainment usually is the duty of the groom so try and decide what kind of music you’d like. Will only a live band do, or are you happy for a DJ to come along and play his hits? Whatever your musical preference is you’ll have to try and cater for your guests, so knowing what your friends and family’s musical preferences are will help you to pick the right entertainment.


Now that you have decided who you are bringing to your wedding you’ll need to arrange invites for them all. Check in with your guests where they live if you are planning on posting their invitation, or ask them for their email address if you are going down that route. Make sure people know well enough ahead of the big day you want them to come to your wedding, allowing them to make arrangements to ensure they can attend your ceremony.

Learn to dance

Before the wedding party can hit the dancefloor, the pressure is on the bride and groom to have a great first dance. If you aren’t too confident on your feet, you might want to take some dance lessons to make sure that all eyes will be on you in a good way. Throwing some serious shapes with your wife will impress everybody in attendance and will be one of the moments everybody will remember for years to come if you get it right.


One of the best things about getting married, apart from spending the rest of your life with your lovely wife, is the great big holiday you get to have after the ceremony is over. Get to planning where you’d like to go and make sure your passport is in date. Finding out you can’t fly when you’re at the airport is going to go down like a lead balloon with your wife. Do you need a visa or some injections if you are heading to an exotic country? Make sure everything is in order months before the big day.

Book a hotel

You and your wife will need somewhere to stay on your wedding night. Booking a hotel is probably the way to go as it will feel extra special instead of just heading back home once the reception is over. While you’re booking a hotel for yourself, you’ll need to find somewhere for your extended family to stay. If you aren’t able to put them all up in the homes of your friends and family, then you’ll need to recommend a hotel for them. Make sure to put on your invitation any places they can stay, and directions to it.

Write your speech

You’ll have to stand up and address everybody before you tuck into your meal. Make sure you write your speech before the big day as leaving it to the last minute isn’t going to go down well. You don’t want it to seem unprepared, and your bride will not appreciate how little effort you put into it. Thank everybody important to you and praise your wife. Rehearse it several times to make sure you are comfortable with everything you’ve got written down.

You want your wedding day to be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you put plenty of thought into everything you do and don’t be afraid to contribute ideas to your future wife during the planning. Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life, following this guide will help make sure you don’t leave anything out of the big occasion.

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