Is that cheap wedding dress too good to be true? How to be safe when bagging a bargain

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the most important parts of the big day for many brides-to-be. After all, you get to spend weeks trying on all kinds of gowns – could it get any better? We thought not. Now is your time to choose an outfit as all eyes are on you. However, the price tag can soon add up, so when a bargain comes along, how do you know if that cheap wedding dress is too good to be true? Have no worries; here’s how to be safe when bagging a bargain.

Read, re-read, and re-re-read the reviews

Now, we’re not saying every company can be trusted. However, one way to see if you have found yourself a winner is to see what other customers have to say. Have they left a review? And if it’s a low one, what made their experience such a bad one? Of course, with most places, there is likely to be the odd one or two customers that aren’t happy with their experiences. It’s all about using your common sense to see if you have found a business you can trust.

Where is it coming from?

There have been many stories over the last few years of dresses being ordered from overseas only to have them arrive and discover it’s a completely different gown entirely. If you haven’t seen your dress in real life, then be careful to ensure you trust the photos. If there is only one snap of a runway model wearing the dress, yet it costs less than a cup of coffee, then chances are you might be looking at a scam. However, stores that you know and trust are much more likely to send out the real deal.

Check the small print

If you’re buying from a company, then make sure you have read all the finer details that come with purchasing your dress. Sure, they might offer a significant discount or have a payment plan, but is that all you’ll have to pay? There might be hidden fees later down the line if you don’t read all the details. This is also important to ensure you are getting the dress you think and not a replica. Although it might look good in the photos, you could have a different gown arriving at your door if you don’t take the time to read the entire thing.

Look at the details

Before making that dress your own, it’s important to check over the whole gown. Yes, this means inside and out. It’s time to put those peepers to work as you check over the inner stitching details of the gown. It’s important to make sure if your dress is second hand that the alterations have been done by a professional. The last thing you need is to be walking halfway down the aisle and have your dress come apart at the seams, right? While looking at the stitching, take a moment to see if there are any other hidden faults, such as stains or rips in the fabric.

Occasionally, luck is on our side, and we are gifted with a bargain. That’s great! However, it’s important to make sure that cheap wedding dress isn’t too good to be true. Your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible; let’s try and stay safe when bagging a bargain to avoid any extra worry.

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