Is it cheaper to bring your own alcohol on your wedding day?

The “I do”s have been said, and everyone is ready to get their boogie on and hit the reception. Although you want to see your guests having a good time, could there be a cheaper way to supply the drinks? Many venues offer up alcohol, but it may be worth doing some shopping of your own and bring your own alcohol to save on those pennies.

The options

There are several options when it comes to serving up booze to your guests at a wedding. Two of the main options are to let the venue provide all the drinks that you buy off them in advance, while another is to buy all of your own alcohol and allow the site to serve up your options. The venues will charge a “corkage fee”. This means there is either a flat rate, or they charge your guests a much lower price (even though you’ve already bought it), so they aren’t missing out on any profit!

Supplying your own alcohol

There can be many benefits to supplying your own alcohol. If you head to cash and carry style stores, then you could find yourself with a bargain load of booze at a fraction of the usual price. You could also find yourself with a significant discount if you’re able to do a deal with a local alcohol store or supplier. Buying in bulk will often turn up the best discount compared to buying individual bottles. Maybe someone gifted you some alcohol that you don’t actually like? Well, adding it to the mix of supplied drinks can save you costs in addition to clearing out the unwanted stock. Some venues can also charge extortionary fees to use their alcohol which can see the venue price skyrocket.


The downside of bring your own

Although it appears that if you bring your own alcohol it will be cheaper, there will still be a corkage fee to take into consideration. Some venues may also not let you bring in your own drinks. This could mean missing out on the perfect place if you are set on supplying the drinks. Plus, if an accident means bottles get smashed, then you will see money pouring away before your very eyes. To top it all off, will the worry of choosing the right drinks to save on the pounds be worth all the pre-wedding stress it could cause you and your fiancé?

So, is it worth it?

In the long run, buying your own alcohol for a wedding can be a much cheaper way to provide your guests with some go-go juice. However, it is worth remembering that you could miss out on the venue of your dreams if you don’t want to pay their alcohol fees. On the other hand, you may have saved yourself all the time and worry by choosing somewhere else where you have control of the drinks. If you’re looking to save money, then alcohol shopping could be a significant factor to lower the cost of your wedding.

As long as you and your partner-to-be are prepared to hit the shops and get all the alcohol sorted, then it looks as though this could be the perfect way to make your wedding day cheaper. After all, weddings are expensive times and every penny matters!

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