IKEA wedding decoration hacks you NEED to try

When you’re planning a wedding, you will do everything you can to make it perfect. Yep, when we say everything we really do mean everything. Even a trip to IKEA isn’t off the cards. Like most people, we have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. We love it because it’s pretty darn amazing and has everything you could possibly want from your life under one roof (and for some pretty darn amazing prices), but we also hate because of that same reason. We get lost, we get stressed, and we get a little overwhelmed by all of the choice. Nevertheless, for the sake of your wedding you need to take a trip ASAP, because these are the IKEA wedding decoration hacks you NEED to try…

IKEA Måla Easel – £17


Chalkboards and easels are becoming increasingly popular with couples across the UK, and we have to say we are totally feeling this vibe. The Måla Easel will set you back just £17, but will be worth so much more when you use it within your big day. In fact, you could buy a few if you wanted to! All you need to do is find the person in your household who has the neatest handwriting and get them to direct guests to the wedding venue, welcome them to your big day, or even write down the menu for the wedding breakfast. Finish the easel off with flowers and foliage for a more natural look that we’re loving right now…

IKEA Tolsby Frame – £1


Getting all of your guests onto their designated table is much harder than it looks, especially if you don’t give them clear instructions. Yep, you might be wondering how to differentiate your tables from each other, and it seems you answer will cost you just £1! The IKEA Tolsby Frame is amazing for weddings as they don’t necessarily have to be used as a photo frame. In fact, for this wedding decoration hack you need to take out the backing of the frame and leave the glass in place. Then, write your table number or name on the glass in chalk or pen and let the magic happen. If you want, you can even spray paint the frame to the colour of your choice!

IKEA Elly Tea Towel – £2.50


Yuh-huh, that’s £2.50 for a pack of four tea towels – you can’t get much cheaper than that! Buying napkins and tableware for a wedding can be a costly business, and most of the time you spend much more than you would like to. Luckily, the IKEA Elly Tea Towel set can be the perfect alternative to your napkin dilemma. Instead of using cheap paper napkins, these tea towels will look more expensive and cooler on the table. Get artsy with your origami folding and encase the cutlery in these tea towels for the desired effect. It looks pretty darn good.

IKEA Rotera Lantern – £2.45


Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen these lanterns before – and you might even have a few in your house already! Although they may only be £2.45 (absolute bargain!!), these lanterns are chic and elegant and can be the perfect addition to your wedding, whether you are getting married and spending the evening inside or outside. If you are getting married outside you could light up these lanterns and hang them in the surrounding trees, you could place them on your tables to add even more atmosphere for you and your guests, or you could even just line them on the floor to create walkways for your wedding guests. The IKEA opportunities really are endless.

IKEA Lill Net Curtains – £5


If you’ve booked your venue and are currently wondering how to cover up the large area of space on the walls, look no further! For just £5 you can buy some everyday net curtains and turn them into something much more spectacular. Of course, you’ll need a fair few of these curtains to cover the space you need to, but the execution of this IKEA wedding decoration hack is as simple as scratching your head! All you need to do is tie the nets around a piece of string and let them fall down to the fall in a beautiful aesthetic. Is it acceptable to use this decoration hack in our bedrooms?

IKEA Skurar Plant Pot – £2


Can you really go wrong with a £2 plant pot? We think not! The IKEA Skurar Plant Pot is cheap and cheerful, and can be used within so many aspects of your big day. You can fill them with flowers and use them as your centrepieces, you can use them to line your aisle if you going for the boho vibe and getting married outside (Oh, man. We’re jealous. Can we get an invite?), you can pop them on the table while you sign your marriage certificate, and you could even give them to your bridesmaids as their wedding gifts. I mean, what could be better than that?

IKEA Solvinden Light Chain – £4


Would a wedding even be a wedding with fairy lights? We think not. Luckily, IKEA have some of the cheapest fairy lights around, and we think this Solvinden Light Chain is everything you could possibly want and more. For £4 you get a pack of 12 lights, so it might be worthwhile to get a few packets – because you can always keep them for your own home if you don’t use them (*wink*). If you’re feeling really creative, you can even customise these lights! Add colour or embellishments, use them inside or outside, and make your wedding day look even more magical.

There’s nothing better than starting your wedding with a blank canvas. You can decorate it how you want, and you can go wild with your colour scheme and your individuality. Normally we would say you need to be careful of your budget in this kind of situation, but there’s no need with these IKEA wedding decoration hacks you NEED to try – because they are so darn cheap!

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