How to save money on weddings in the UK

With over 200,000 weddings in the UK, that’s a lot of budgets to be spent. In fact, the wedding industry in Great Britain alone is estimated to be worth around £10 billion! But what about if you’re looking to save some pennies? There are plenty of ways to save money without having to miss out on anything! If you’re getting married at home and don’t fancy going abroad, here are our top tips on how to save money on weddings in the UK.

Online invites

Ah, invitations and RSVPs – a major expense that often racks up high prices! Instead of opting for expensive paper invites, had you thought about sending online invitations? As well as saving on paper, there are many designs online that still look just as elegant. Plus, many of these options are entirely free  – bonus! Alternatively, try to DIY those invites and save some extra pennies.

Catering options

When it comes to catering for your guests, the prices can soon rack up as the numbers come in. One way to lower the bill is to get a food truck or mobile restaurant. These can offer up some homely favourites, such as fish and chips, or you can get a specific type of food like Indian or Thai cuisine. Plus, this can be a brilliant way to add a unique spin on your big day.

DIY desserts

Perhaps you have watched the Great British Bake Off and fancy heading to the kitchen yourself? Or maybe some of your friends and relatives are keen cooks? Dessert can be the perfect time to showcase these skills! By offering up the chance for everyone to bring a dessert you can save yourself a heap of money, and don’t have to worry about all the washing up.

Limit the alcohol

If you want to go for an open bar then it may be worth limiting the choices to just wine, beer, and cider. These drinks tend to be much cheaper than buying spirits meaning the guests will get more on offer while you can hold onto those pennies. If you still want champagne or an alternative – gotta love that prosecco – then you can save it for the speeches and toasts to minimise the cost.

Clearance job

That perfect wedding dress may soon become cheaper than you thought. Many outlet shops have gowns at a fraction of the price if they have been returned or are from last season. Equally, someone may be selling their dress online if they no longer need it, or don’t have the space to store their gown. Pre-loved dresses are a great way to save money (and they’re just as beautiful). These can offer up much cheaper alternatives to the designer stores.

Fake flowers

Flowers can look beautiful and bring the whole event together. The problem is they can also be so expensive. Instead of using real flowers, fake options can offer up the same stunning results while being a fraction of the place. Fake bouquets can also be prepared at any time opposed to their real counterparts saving time and stress as the big day sneaks closer and closer. You can also make your own wedding bouquet from supermarket flowers if you’re feeling crafty!

Look for newbie musicians

Perhaps you want a musician to be the entertainment for the reception? New bands or students can offer up some incredible acoustics without charging prices you simply can’t afford. By popping an ad on a noticeboard or in the paper, you may find plenty of fresh talent who want to build their portfolio up. Remember, you should always pay them, even if they’re newbies (instruments and equipment don’t come cheap)!

Some costs with weddings are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the ceremony has to have such a high price tag. By swapping one thing for another, you could soon find yourself with a much smaller bill at the end of the big day.

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