How to save money on wedding evening invitations

Unless you plan to be super modern and send an e-vite out to your wedding guests, you’re gonna need to send physical invitations to all of your friends and family. Not only is this a way to let them know that you’re thinking about them and that you would love to share your special day with them, but it will also give you the chance to work out numbers. After all, you need to let the caterers know how many people to cook for, and you need to create your seating plan! However, with so many people to invite for your wedding reception, buying wedding evening invitations can be incredibly expensive. How the heck do you save money on these things?!

Choose the PDF option

Although they may be small and cute, wedding invitations actually rack up a huge cost that is definitely not cute! Printing companies charge for the paper, the envelopes, the ink, and even the printing – and all of these costs add up into one hefty bill. Luckily, there is one way to ensure that you keep the costs of your wedding evening invitations down, and that is to choose the PDF option. Many printing companies will give you the option to design your wedding invitations for you and send you a PDF copy of them. This way, you can print off your own evening invitations and send them how you wish. This will just cost you the ink for your own printer and cheap stationery which you can buy in bulk for a cheaper price!

Take charge of your numbers

If you’re having 150 guests at your wedding, that means you have to buy 150 evening invitations right? Well, not exactly! It’s easy to assume that you need to buy one invite per person, but how many of those 150 people live in the same house as each other? There’s a high chance that many of your guests are family members, parents, or children, and will live with each other. To save money, scrimp on the numbers and simply send out one invitation per household, rather than per person. This will save you a huge amount in the long run.

Make the time to proofread

Picture this: You’ve just spent approximately five hours designing the perfect wedding evening invitation and have just sent it off to the printers. It has the date of your wedding, the dress code, the timings, and the RSVP address – but you were so wrapped up in the colours and the design that you forgot to proofread! While your design may have been pretty darn awesome, you may have just spent hundreds of pounds on invitations that are misspelled. Make the time to proofread your invites, so you don’t have to order them again and waste money.

Look for the best deals

Printing companies always have deals on at certain points of the year. So, it’s always best that you plan in advance. It may be that they offer discounted rates during the peak wedding season, or it may be that they offer discounted rates during the quiet season. It’s up to you to shop around and look for the best deals when it comes to your wedding evening invitations. Don’t just choose the first company or design you find, but find the most competitive price you can!

Make your own!

If you’re a bridezilla who loves to control every single aspect of her wedding, it might not do you any good to put your wedding evening invitations in the hands of another. So, why not make them yourself? It’s super easy to make your own DIY wedding invitations, and they will normally prove to be much cheaper than professional ones. You can buy paper and card in bulk, and personalise them, so they are special and unique to you.

Who knew saving money on wedding evening invitations could be so easy? The more money you save on this little aspect of your wedding is a few more pounds that can be put towards your honeymoon because you’re gonna need a break after all of this planning!

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