How to save money on kids’ entertainment at your wedding

If you’ve invited children to your wedding , then you will probably want to provide something to keep them entertained, especially during things such as speeches which the children will likely find very dull. Bored kids are noisy kids and the last thing you want when you’re listening to your new husband giving a heartfelt speech about how beautiful you are is several small children running riot. So how can you entertain children at a wedding on a budget? Kids’ entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive!

A ring hunt

Kids love a good competition, and something like a ring hunt will keep them busy for hours! It’s a fun way of breaking the ice between children who may not have met before and will only cost you the price of a few plastic rings, or whatever you decide to use instead. If you have an older child coming, it might be fun to ask them to do the hiding of the rings and to judge the game, which will keep everyone busy for a while!

Temporary tattoos

This is one to run past the parents, but chances are they will want to get involved too! You can buy temporary tattoos online for mere pennies, and you can set up a tattoo station with a bowl of water and a sponge – easy peasy! It’s best to cut the tattoos out beforehand because children and scissors together is not a great idea, and this will work best at an outdoor wedding, in case the bowl of water is spilt. Why not look for some fun, personalised tattoos that have something meaningful to the couple on them?

Cupcake decorating is ideal for kids' entertainment at a wedding

Set up a cupcake decorating station

Food and crafts – what could be better?! This is a really simple kids’ entertainment activity that will appeal to children of all ages (perhaps even some adults too!) and requires very little planning. Grab some pre-made cupcakes and a selection of different decorations such as icing, sprinkles, and edible toppers, and let the kids go to town! This is sure to keep them busy for a while, and then they can eat their creations. Just make sure that they don’t make too much of a mess on their smart clothes, or you will be in trouble with the parents!

A bouncy castle

A bouncy castle is sure to appeal to everyone, young or old, and provide hours of bouncy fun! They are not as expensive as you might think -you can hire them from around £40 – and the fun and laughter they provide is priceless! Of course, you have to have a venue with enough space, some decent weather, and the assurance that no one is going to bring back up their wedding dinner.

Activity books

Depending on the age of those attending, this is a pretty simple way to keep kids entertained at a wedding on the cheap! You can buy these books printed, or some kind folks on the internet will offer them for free to print at home. Alternatively, it would be simple enough to make one yourself if you are handy with a computer. A few colouring pages, a wordsearch, a dot-to-dot and spot the difference, all of which will keep the children occupied for a while. Don’t forget to provide pencils or crayons!


If you’ve got the room, a space hopper or sack race would be a lot of fun and fantastic for pictures! Chances are the adults will want to get involved in these races too, which after a few glasses of bubbly could be hilarious. You can pick up space hoppers pretty cheap online and hessian sacks will not set you back very much at all, so this is an excellent way to entertain children cheap at a wedding and something that will be talked about for many years!

Lawn Games

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, it is easy enough to set up a few lawn games to keep the children entertained for hours. The best part is that they do not need to cost a fortune and many of them can be made at home! Make a simple game by saving up old tin cans and either painting them or covering them with washi tape. Use a ball (a juggling ball works great!) and challenge your mini guests to knock them over. Set up some buckets and bean bags for a bean bag throwing game, or some painted bottles could be upcycled to become skittles! Lawn games are the perfect kids’ entertainment on a budget – as long as the weather holds out.

Lego is a good idea for kids' entertainment at a wedding


Who doesn’t love Lego?! Unless you’re standing on it. A simple bowl of odd Lego bricks will keep children busy for hours. To save money, don’t buy them brand new, but look at car boot sales, charity shops and even in your loft – there’s plenty around! Perhaps set them a challenge to make a copy of the wedding venue in Lego, or let their little imaginations run wild!


Simple and super cheap; a basket of bubbles is a lovely addition to any wedding. Small children will be mesmerised by the bubbles, and older children will enjoy showing off their bubble-blowing skills. Be sure to keep your beautiful dress away from them, however, as some materials stain when bubbles pop on them! You can also buy personalised bubbles, if you want to provide them as a little wedding day keepsake too.

I Spy

This is a fun idea to get the children involved in the wedding. All you need are some disposable cameras and a printed checklist of things to take photos of. It might be a little pricey to get the photos developed, but you may be surprised at what your wedding looks like from a child’s point of view. Make it a little more challenging for the older children by making the things to find either more difficult to find or a bit cryptic, for example, “Find the person who has been friends with the bride the longest.” This is kids’ entertainment at its finest, without breaking the bank.

A kids’ activity pack

A cheap idea to entertain children at a wedding is a fun activity pack. You can buy them pre-made, or perhaps just buy a lucky bag with the child’s favourite character on. If you want to go DIY, you just need to buy a few cheap toys and games, and perhaps add some sweets too! Playing cards are an excellent idea as the children can play ‘snap’ or ‘pairs’ in a group, which will keep them busy for ages. Make sure you include some toys or games that they can play on their own as well, to avoid arguments! These are good fun to put together and don’t need to cost the earth. You could also combine this with the activity book we mentioned earlier.

Offering children something fun to do at your wedding is a great way to ensure happy kids and happy parents! You don’t have to pay hundreds for a dedicated children’s entertainer, just get a little creative and think about what you would have loved at their age – then source it on the cheap!

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