6 clever tricks to save money on a wedding venue

The dress is bought, the cake is ordered, and the flowers are on standby. Just one problem, where are they all going to be heading when the wedding day rolls around? Choosing the perfect venue is one of the biggest aspects of any wedding day, but it’s also important not to blow your whole budget on somewhere. So how can you balance both? Here are some clever tricks to save money on a wedding venue.

1. Waiting patiently

If you can hold out and wait to walk down the aisle, then you could save yourself a ton of money. Booking a venue so far in advance means you won’t necessarily have to pay extra fees as the cost rises over the years – as long as the wedding venue of your dreams agrees on a price lock. By giving yourself plenty of time to shop around you can have a look at the entire market to find the perfect venue with a price tag to match. This will also give you more time to save! It’s a win-win.

2. The right time

If you’re looking to get married on a Saturday, then you could be in for a shock at the extra price tag that it comes with the privilege of a weekend wedding. However, if you can opt for a Friday or any other week day, then you could phenomenally cut the costs. Additionally, if you can bare the colder evenings and go for a late autumn or winter ceremony, then the price of the venue could come down even further. Plus autumn and winter weddings have the potential to look incredible in photos – especially if you are blessed with some snow!

3. Bring your own

Some venues require to use the bar or entertainment they have on offer – or pay a hefty fee to use your own. If you can find somewhere that allows you to bring in your own drinks and entertainment, then you could make some huge savings. This also means that you can choose the right additions to suit your needs rather than just having whatever the venue wants you to have. The only thing to keep an eye on are things like corkage costs, if you’re going to be bringing your own bar.

How to keep wedding venue costs down

4. Double use

Another way to keep the costs low is to book your ceremony and reception in the same building – or at least in the same grounds. This could cut down on fees if you’re able to make a deal with the wedding venue to hire it out for the whole day. It also means that you can cut down on travelling costs between the two locations by keeping the party in one place.

5. Atmosphere matters

If you can find somewhere that offers a brilliant venue, then you have helped your wedding budget in more ways than one. Not only do you now have a perfectly picturesque backdrop for your ceremony, but you can also cut down on the decorating fees. If the room looks good enough already, why bother with unnecessary extras?

6. Marquee wonders

If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space, have you ever thought about taking your ceremony to the great outdoors? A marquee can be a much cheaper alternative to an indoor venue, as well as offering a space to enjoy the fresh air. Plus, a marquee will most likely be slightly smaller than a grand hall, meaning there is less space that needs to be decorated. Double bonus!

Just a few tweaks could see your wedding venue budget soon come way down and free up some extra money for those finishing touches you’ve been looking at. Now you can still enjoy the perfect wedding at the right place, but all at a fraction of the initial price.

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