How to rock the rustic wedding trend on a budget

Some people like the modern look. That’s great! But what about those of us that love the idea of having a more homely affair? We aren’t talking about hosting your reception in your kitchen. No, we mean bringing the rustic wedding trend to life. If you’re worried about the budget, then look no further as these ideas will give you ways to rock the trend while keeping the cost low.

Rustic wedding picks for 2018

Messy is key

If you’re anything like us and seem to have a bigger clothes pile that needs to be put away than you do clothes hanging in your wardrobe, then a rustic wedding theme could be for you. Why? Because it’s never about being neat. In fact, choosing untidy flowers with trailing foliage for your bouquet is on trend. Plus, having mismatching glasses or cutlery are both ways you can bring this style to life without paying for the privilege of everything matching.

Make use of chalkboards

Chalkboards are the perfect addition to help your guests find what they need, as well as helping keep on top of the theme. You can pick them up for a reasonable price from many stores, or could even get some chalkboard paint and create your own. These boards can then be used as signs to tell your guests where they need to go, or as a way to lay out the seating plan when they walk through the reception door. Either way, you’ll be able to stick with the rustic trend for less.

Think outdoors

Was it the pull of the outdoors that made you choose a rustic theme? If it was, then why not bring some of the great outdoors into your big day? This could be by using a fire pit to toast marshmallows after the main wedding breakfast, collecting pine cones and other pieces to use as decorations, or even getting moss to add to the tables can be great ways to make your day feel more rustic without going over budget. If you’re really brave (and the weather is on your side), you could even hold part of your ceremony outdoors.

Forget major decorations

It can be easy to get lost with all the things that need to be bought for a wedding, including the budget required to decorate the reception. However, if you opt for a rustic wedding, then you might be in luck. Rustic themes tend to be kept simple meaning you won’t need any over the top flower arrangements here. In fact, it could only take a few candles and some jam jars – maybe with a flower or two for good measure – to give you table all the glam it needs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tablecloths. Bare wooden tables fit the theme perfectly, or you could even make use of hessian as a table runner.

Flower crown

One way to finish off your entire look is to add in a flower crown to your outfit. Your florist can craft these simple additions if you have the budget to accommodate the extras, or you can find many faux options in high street stores and online. Still not happy and want your own unique flower crown for your big day? Simply grab some wire, ribbon, and flowers of your choice, and you could soon be making your very own DIY flower crown.

So there we have it! Throwing a rustic wedding doesn’t mean you’ll have to rob a bank to afford to pay for the big day. In fact, you can rock the rustic wedding trend on a budget, and enjoy some of our favourite looks for less.

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