How to pick wedding songs that mean something special to you and your partner

Once the “I do’s” have been said, it’s time to start thinking about the reception. Now comes the chance to throw some shapes on the dance floor as a newly married couple with some unique music as your backdrop. It’s time to look at how to pick wedding songs that mean something special to you and your partner to make those dances even more memorable for the many years to come.

A first song

New couples have many firsts. The first date, the awkward first kiss, and the first time you realise you’ve met the one. What about your first song? This could be the first time you uncovered your partner’s secret dancing skill – or lack of – or maybe the first song you remember being excited to share? This might not be a special lovey-dovey tune, but it will hold memories close to you and your partner, and that’s what matters when choosing your wedding soundtrack.

Your favourite songs

Yes, it can be hard to choose just one song out of the billions in the world. However, there are usually one or two that get you dancing more than others. Your big day is the perfect time to showcase these tunes as you look for wedding songs that mean something. Now, it’s time to show off all those cheesy dance moves or air guitar solos that you have kept hidden behind closed doors for so long. You could even have a men vs. women dance off as you and your partner go head to head with your favourite songs?

Parents’ first dance song

If you want wedding songs that mean something special to you and your partner, then we might have just found the answer: your parents’ first dance songs. There was a reason they chose these as their tunes, and there’s no reason you can’t incorporate the music into your own big day. Getting married is about growing your family – why not include the older generation in your ceremony? Plus, you could help rekindle love all around the room with your choice of music.

Those special nicknames

Many of us have nicknames for our partners. Yes, they might seem silly to other people. However, your wedding music could be a chance to show them off to the rest of the world. Perhaps the name came from a song in the first place? Why not add the tune to the mix? If not, it could be simpler than you think. There are so many songs in the world. All you have to do is type their nickname into the web and see which songs pop up. You could find yourself with a new favorite as well as another reason to smile on your big day.

Music from concerts

If you are both music lovers and have been to concerts over the years, then weddings can give the opportunity to retell the story of your lives so far. One way to do this is by playing tunes from the gigs you have been to together over the years. It could be that local band you went to see on your first date, or the major chart-topping superstars that you saw from miles away on the big screen. Either way, their songs will hold a special meaning in your heart that you can show off at your reception.


One way to pick wedding songs that mean something special to you and your partner is by getting to choose a few songs as a surprise for each other. Now is your time to go wild. It could be something mega cheesy, a song that everyone knows, or one you always catch them singing in the shower. The best bit? You will get to see their face when they play while surrounded by your friends and family. Just be warned – you’ll get the same treatment in return!

Music of the movies

Maybe you and your partner have a favourite movie? This is usually one that comes out on rainy days or date nights, but by now you probably know all the words off by heart and could reenact any scene at the drop of a hat. One way to choose special songs for your wedding is to take ones from the soundtrack of your favourite films to have as part of your wedding songs. Don’t be afraid to share; let your rom-com, Disney, sci-fi movie-filled hearts run wild!

As much as we might think we have two left feet, it can be hard to resist the pull of the dance floor once our favourite songs are playing. After learning how to pick wedding songs that mean something special to you and your partner, you could find yourself hosting the most unique yet beautiful wedding reception of the year.

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