How to organise a hen party on a budget

So, you’re getting married, huh? As you plan for your big day, shell out countless amounts of money that you don’t even want to think about to book your venue, choose your dress, buy your rings, and try out a taster menu for your wedding breakfast (while you have your Aunt Marge in your head saying “Remember I don’t like mushrooms, dear” a thousand times) you can often feel overwhelmed by it all. What you really need is a whole day with your girlfriends to just de-stress and let your hair down – but booking your hen-do is just another expense to add to the list. Or is it? This is how you can organise a hen party on a budget. You can thank us by sending us an invite!

Do it yourself!

When you’re snowed under with wedding stress, it can be easy to hand over hen party responsibility to your friends or a professional company who claim to offer you the best thing since sliced bread for a fixed price. Want our advice? The best way to organise a hen party on a budget is to do it yourself! A DIY hen party doesn’t have to be super difficult and can be organised within days. If you and your girls book an Airbnb in the city and split the cost, you have a pretty epic base in which to make your own cocktails, play traditional hen games, and even end the night in a local club. If you’re looking for something a bit cooler, you could even book a glamping retreat in the country and create your own DIY hen festival. Create the ultimate Spotify playlist beforehand, bring your own drinks, paint your own T-shirts and you’ll be good to go.


Book early

Yup, if you remember anything from this epic article on how to organise a hen party on a budget (*wink*) you need to remember this. While many brides and travel experts swear by booking last minute to save on prices – this just isn’t something you want to be dealing with during the run-up to your wedding day. Booking early means that you avoid disappointment, can get cheaper rates if you’re planning on going abroad, and it means that if you’re the one paying the final total at the checkout, you have the time to grab the Lizzies from the rest of your chicks. If you are planning to have your hen party abroad, many travel sites also give you the chance to spread the cost of the holiday across monthly installments, which is often more practical for you and your girlfriends.

Set yourself a budget

Whether you’re planning your own hen party or you’re a bridesmaid planning the night for your bestie, you just HAVE to set yourself and your hens a budget. By giving yourself this tight leash weeks in advance, you can make sure that you don’t veer off course and end up buying you and 12 of your best friends an all-inclusive week in Barbados on your credit card. Instead, speak to all of the hens involved and ask them how much they are willing to contribute towards the day, weekend or even week. By doing this, you can get an idea of what total you’re working with, and whether you can afford a camping weekend in Bognor Regis, or a luxury spa weekend in Barcelona If you can, ask the hens for their money before you book, so that numbers and prices are confirmed.

Booking a hen party doesn’t have to be a pain in the…ahem, bottom. In fact, your hen party should allow you to de-stress and get pumped for your impending nuptials with your bestest girlfriends. The best part? It doesn’t have to cost you the earth! In fact, it’s pretty easy to organise a hen party on a budget if you know how.

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