How to make your wedding guest book

Did you know wedding guest books were once a legal requirement so newlyweds could prove they had witnesses at their ceremony? Nowadays, they are a way to remember everyone that attends the big day, as well as offering up some advice to the new couple. Many have put their own spin on the tradition over the years, but here’s how to make your own wedding guest book to make it even more unique than ever before.

Polaroid guest book

No longer do you have to rely on just the words to remember all your guests from the big day. One idea to make your own wedding guest book with a spin is to invest in a Polaroid camera. They don’t have to be expensive and can be the perfect addition to any reception. All you need is enough film and a scrapbook to stick their snaps, and you can leave your guests to do the rest of the work! Plus, you’ll get the fun of seeing what pictures they capture for many years to come.


Canvas guest book

This canvas wedding guest book is the perfect way to stick to the budget as well as having something to hang on your wall as newlyweds. To start, you need a large enough canvas and your choice of colour paint. Next, it’s time to get painting as you cover the entire canvas and leave it to dry. You might have to apply another coat of paint if it’s not bold enough. If you’re feeling super creative, you can even spray details onto the canvas using masking tape and aerosol cans of paint. Finally, write the initials of you and your partner in the middle of the piece. Now your guests can decorate the outside with all their advice and well-wishes.


Globe guest book

Perhaps you and your partner have family that live all around the world? Maybe you love to travel together and want to inject some of your adventures into your big day? Look no further. This wedding guest book is so easy to make as there is no DIY involved at all – how perfect! All you need is a globe and a permanent marker. Your guests can have fun finding their home country, or even their favourite holiday destination, as they sign this unique guest book idea.


Quilt guest book

This is the perfect way to join two families together after the big day is all said and done. It’s time to search high and low at fabric stores and any scraps of material you might have lying around. Once you have enough pieces for everyone to sign, cut them into the same shape and size. Then, simply leave a marker and let the guests go wild. As if that wasn’t enough, it will give you and your new partner a project as you stitch all the pieces together to create a quilt you can keep forever.


Piñata guest book

What better way to read your guests’ kind messages than by smashing them open with a bat? Exactly. To make this guest book you’ll need to start by cutting the card to your desired shape, such as a letter or love heart, and stick the pieces together with tape. To decorate, take plenty of layers of tissue paper and cut them into fringes that can be attached all over the piñata with glue or tape. Just don’t forget to leave a hole at the top so your guests can slot in their messages.


Wedding guest books don’t have to be traditional, nor do they have to cost a bomb. Sure, you want to remember all the guests that attended – especially as the reception antics might make that hard – but why should they be boring? Now, you can make your own wedding guest book and create memories whichever way you like.

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