How to make your own naked wedding cake

So we are now living in a wonderful world with delicious and beautiful naked cakes – but what are they? These designs are your ordinary wedding cake without the icing. Instead, these creations leave the cake open for the world to see the delicious filling. They became a trend in 2014 and have grown in popularity ever since.  If you’re planning your big day on a budget, you might want to consider a DIY job on the cake – so, here’s how to make your own naked wedding cake!

Stable cakes

If you want to make your own naked wedding cake it’s best to choose cakes and sponges that are stable if you want the best results. The frosting on the outside of these bakes usually helps to hold all the layers together. Without the protection, things need to be better at standing on their own. It’s best to avoid anything that requires refrigerating and instead opt for heavy cakes with fudge or buttercream fillings. Here are some of the best sponge cake recipes to start with.

Properly prepared tins

As there is no icing to hide any baking sins, it’s vital to get your cakes looking their best. This means the tins need to be prepared properly before you bake your wedding creation. It’s best to go with whatever method the recipe suggests to help stop your cakes from sticking to the inside of the pan. Some will tell you to line with butter or parchment paper.

Trimming the edges

No matter how hard we try, we always end up with a dome in our baked cakes – but there’s still hope. All it takes is a steady hand and a serrated knife to get those layers level. This will also help to get your cakes looking clean and equal before assembly. Plus, if any baking errors left some *cough* “well-done” edges, you can cut them off. No one will ever know.

Piping perfection

One of the best ways to put your naked cake together is using a piping bag fitted with a round tip. You can use this to pipe a circle around the outside of each layer before filling in the middle. Once they are all ready to go, it’s time to stack ‘em up! If you want your wedding cake to have a more rustic feel, you could use a spatula to smooth out some of the exposed icing to make it look perfectly imperfect.

Colour choices

Just because your cake is naked doesn’t mean you have to miss out on adding some colour. In fact, this can be the perfect opportunity to brighten things up. You could opt for different flavour cakes such as vanilla and chocolate to create a striped look, or use coloured dyes to make them any variety of colours. If you’re feeling brave, you could even create an ombre cake with the different layers.

Decoration time

The top of the cake isn’t just for wedding toppers anymore. This is the perfect place to finish of your creativity with all kinds of decorations. Go wild! You could opt for some simple dusting of cocoa powder, or go crazy with a selection of fruit. If you really want to push the boat out, you could even add some edible flowers, or decorate with some to match the bouquet and buttonhole flowers.

With so many different options, naked wedding cakes have opened up a whole new world when it comes to the centrepiece of the reception room. Just because they’re naked doesn’t mean these bakes don’t know how to steal the show with both taste and appearance. Save some money and make your own naked wedding cake – just make sure you have a couple of trial runs before the big day. More than anything, it means you get to eat lots of delicious cake. Here are some other tips to save money on your wedding cake if you don’t fancy a DIY naked cake!

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