How to find a dazzling engagement ring on a budget

Before you’ve even got to the “I dos” there’s the excitement of the engagement. At long last, you can hold your ring finger proudly in the air and dazzle those around you with your new bling. Plus, you’ll have the fun of telling the story of the proposal over and over again. Did you know it really can get better every time? Alas, before we get too carried away, we need to find out how to find a dazzling engagement ring on a budget.

Something sentimental

You might have heard of the something old, something new” superstition, but what about adding something sentimental to the list? Of course, one of the best ways to save money on your engagement ring is to cut back on the costs altogether. Many families have a ring that is passed down through the generations, and it could be your time to inherit the family jewels. The best bit? You’ll get the joy of passing on the ring further down the line.

Head online

As with most things nowadays, there are several online stores that have perfected the art of undercutting their high street competitors. A quick browse online could offer up the ring you’ve been searching at a much lower price. How? Websites don’t have to pay any store fees meaning they can offer up lower prices for their jewelry. Scared of buying online? Make sure you choose a website with plenty of reputable reviews returns policy, and hopefully, you should be safe.

Second time lucky

A second-hand engagement ring might mean bad luck for someone out there, but it could be the luck you have been looking for all along. Chances are, people just want to see the back of the engagement ring and are willing to sell it off for a fraction of the price. Sure, it might seem strange to wear someone else’s engagement ring, but at least you are helping it fulfill its purpose, right? Plus, you could find yourself saving hundreds of pounds just because it’s been on someone’s finger for a few days.

Think about different stones

Sure, many of us picture the big diamond ring when thinking about that engagement ring. But have no fear; you could be about to save big bucks with a few minor tweaks. Not all of us have the budget of a celeb, so it might be time to look past the diamond rings and opt for a different gemstone. You can still get the dazzling effect just without the huge price tag to match. Other gems, such as amethyst, sapphire, and moissanite still give off that special finish at a fraction of the price.

More is less

Bear with us; it makes sense. You might think there is only enough in the budget for one big diamond, are we right? Well, you could be mistaken. Halo rings feature gems in – yup, you guessed it – a halo. Although there are more gems, they are smaller and come at a fraction of the price. Don’t think you have to compromise on the bling effect. These rings are sure to catch any kind of light and leave your friends dazzled.

Be shy

Diamonds have a lot more to them than many realise, including their carat size. A diamond’s weight is measured in carats, so the bigger the carat, the bigger the diamond. However, the price tends to jump up with each 0.5 of a carat. Opting for gems that are .3 – .4 or .8 – .9 of a carat could get you the biggest dazzling engagement ring for your budget. In fact, some jewellers say you could save up to 20% just by choosing a diamond that weighs a fraction less.

Some couples opt to go shopping for an engagement ring together. Other times, the groom takes it upon himself to be in charge of planning, preparing, and popping the question. Whatever the case, there is no reason that an engagement has to cost a fortune. In fact, these ways to find a dazzling engagement ring on a budget will leave you with plenty left in the budget for the big day.

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