How to enjoy a luxury honeymoon on a shoestring budget

Okay, let’s be honest; the wedding probably left things a little tight. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a honeymoon. Not only can you still enjoy a break, but here’s how to enjoy a luxury honeymoon on a shoestring budget. It’s okay; you’re welcome.

Avoid peak seasons

Of course, travelling in the school holidays is sure to ramp up the prices. Plus, heading somewhere tropical in the peak of their summer probably won’t help you save any pennies. By waiting for your honeymoon until out of the regular season, such as the winter months, you could still enjoy all the luxuries on offer while saving yourself a ton of cash in the long run. Don’t worry, many of these tropical locations still have some of the best sunshine in these months.

Use those discounts

Nowadays there are so many apps and websites all offering up some crazy discounts on just about everything, including holidays. So why not take full advantage of their generosity? It might mean you have to book your luxury honeymoon in a flash sale or end up having slightly longer flights with a stopover along the way to get the most for your money, but these deals will help stick to your tight budget.

Try your luck

Okay, how many times in life do you get to use the excuse you’re a newlywed? It eventually wears off. So enjoy it while it’s still around. You might find that telling the airline it’s your honeymoon while checking in gets you bumped up a class or two on the plane. Or, you could even find yourself spending some nights in the honeymoon suite if you tell the hotel about your recent big day. At the very least, you should find yourself with a free bottle of bubbly and a bit of special treatment.

Think close to home

There is nothing wrong with a staycation, and the UK can offer up plenty of luxury honeymoon destinations without the high price tag. After all, it’s usually the flights that make honeymoon prices skyrocket. Rather than pinching the pennies to jet abroad, why not spend your budget here? You’ll probably be able to afford better quality accommodation and save a ton on travel. Plus, you’ll still get the chance to enjoy all those honeymoon benefits.

Don’t go all-inclusive

Sure, this might sound like a slice of luxury, but why pay for something you aren’t going to use? Although you might be about to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be in the hotel all day. If you’re the type of couple that love to get out there and see the world then booking an all-inclusive stay could restrict your dining options. Plus, a lot of times there are local restaurants that offer terrific deals at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win situation.

Book as early as you can

Planning and budgeting for the big day can take a massive chunk of the budget. Regardless of whether you plan on heading away straight after the ceremony or waiting a few months, it’s best to book your honeymoon as early as you can. The closer it gets to flying, the more expensive everything becomes. If you know where you want to head and when then don’t waste time – get your name on the list before your room becomes double the price.

You might have just lived through one of the best days of your life, but now it’s time to start the next chapter as a married couple. What better way to celebrate than with a honeymoon? At least now you don’t have to worry about missing out on luxury, even if you have a shoestring budget.

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