How to create a wedding budget you will actually stick to

If you’re anything like us, then sticking to a budget is *hard* work. However, if you want to get the most out of your big day without breaking the bank, then it’s essential to have a wedding budget in place. The best way to make sure you don’t find yourself bankrupt is to create a wedding budget you will actually stick to, so how do we do that?

Learn to prioritise

What is most important to you and your future partner? Perhaps you have always dreamed of the big, white dress? Maybe you want to have a wedding reception to remember? Whatever it is, you need to think about what is your biggest priority for your big day. After all, there is no point pumping all your money into the ceremony if you want to spend all your time at the reception. By prioritising your wedding day plans, you should be off to a good start for creating a wedding budget you can stick to.

Work out how much you can save

It might sound obvious, but how can you create a wedding budget if you don’t know how much you can afford to spend? If family members have offered to pay for some of your ceremony, then now is the time to discover how much they are willing to hand over. Then, it’s all about adding up your own savings. Plus, don’t forget to factor in the money you will still be earning along the way. Having a number in place will help create that doable wedding budget.

Don’t forget emergencies

Unfortunately, those little emergencies always seem to crop up when we least expect them. It could be someone pulling out of the ceremony or a last minute dress alteration. Both of these and more all add up over time. The last thing any couple needs is to spend the entire budget without having any left over for those little “oops” moments. You don’t have to put away thousands, but having a few hundred pounds on the side could save you a ton in the long run.

Prepare for hidden charges

Sticking with the emergency theme, there are often hidden charges that can crop up long after you think everything is done and dusted. If you hire entertainment, have you thought about leaving a tip at the end of the night? What about if the band stays longer? Now they’ll need extra payment. Plus, the photographer or videographer might need to be fed at the reception. Have you factored their meals into the final budget? These are all costs that can sneak up on us unless we have a section of the budget just for these moments.

Use a wedding budget spreadsheet

You don’t need any swanky pieces of tech if you want to create a wedding budget. Sometimes all it takes is a spreadsheet and a few formulas! If numbers aren’t your thing, then why not take advantage of a free template on the web? In fact, Wedding Budgeter has their very own that comes with all the formulas inputted for you. To download ours, join our private Wedding Planning, Inspiration and Advice Facebook group – it should be pinned to the top, or else is under ‘files’. These are perfect for splitting up your wedding budget into sections, such as venue or entertainment, to see where all your money is going. The best bit? They don’t have to cost a thing!

Creating a wedding budget you can stick to doesn’t have to be hard, especially not after setting aside a few hours with future beau to write out the essentials. After a few number crunches, you could soon find yourself with a budget to be proud of. Then, all it’s time to do is track your spending and stick to the limit.

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