How much does the average wedding cost?

Did you know the average cost of a wedding is a staggering £27,161? Where does all that money go? Sometimes it can be all the little things that see the final bill add up to that whopping total. Unfortunately, there are also some big spends that you may not be able to avoid along the way… We look at what the average wedding costs, with some helpful hints to (hopefully) help reduce some of those big price tags.

Average Cost of Engagement Ring – £2,084

Before even planning the “I do’s” there is a hidden cost to weddings that most people seem to overlook – the engagement ring. At long last, women have the chance to flash their new jewel to the world as they announce they are soon to become a Mrs. Although it is an exciting time for future brides, this can be the start of a slippery (and very expensive) slope as we delve into all the other aspects of the big day. Plus, if you head down the designer ring route then who knows how much you could end up spending? Of course, you definitely do NOT need to spend this much money on a ring ladies and gents (unless you have the cash to splash). The most important part is presenting the ring to your beloved and letting them know you want to spend the rest of your life with them… Aww!

Average Cost of Wedding Venue – £2,709

Of course, the couple to be need to say their vows somewhere, right? This is one cost that can’t go unpaid or the wedding day could soon turn from the perfect event into a complete shambles. Before even decorating the venue or enjoying the after party, couples can easily splash out a few thousand on getting the right location for their big day. Although this may seem pricey, it’s still not the most expensive part of a wedding. And it all started so well…

Average Cost of Reception Venue – £4,354

The big ceremony is all said and done, and it’s time to get partying. Only, couples may find themselves a touch out of pocket if they want to land that perfect venue. Of course, this all depends where in the country you will be holding your reception. Scotland has one of the cheaper averages, with venues costing around £3,770. However, if you want to celebrate your “I do” moment in the UK’s capital you could be saying “goodbye” to over £5,000 – blimey. Venues can certainly be pricey, but we do have some tricks for keeping the costs down right here.

Average Cost of Wedding Dress – £1,209

This is the dress that you should (hopefully) only ever wear once. It has to be special, right? But hang on, if it’s only going to get one showcasing day, then why should you have to fork out so much to find the perfect frock? Depending on the style and details of your new outfit, this necessity could set you and your partner to be back a pretty penny. Don’t forget; this is before any alterations or deep cleaning that needs to be done on the dress. Want to cut some wedding dress costs? You could buy second-hand, grab a bargain from China, or follow some of these money-saving tips for wedding attire here.

Average Cost of Groom’s Outfit – £479

Depending on the suit you choose, this could be a costly part of the ceremony. Although the bride gets to enjoy walking down the day in her big white dress, that doesn’t mean we can forget about the man of the moment. Thankfully, the suit is often a fraction of the price that the wedding dress costs. The plus side is it can often be reused, too, making the groom’s suit a long-term investment rather than a showpiece for the day. We have some tips on saving the pennies on your wedding suits here.

Average Cost of Wedding Cake – £350 to £550

The final bill for the cake all depends on how high you want your showstopper to go. The higher the cake, the higher the price – it’s that simple! Unfortunately, whilst you may be thinking that £350 could get you a reasonably sized dessert, you might be in for a shock. This is the average price for just two tiers! Yup, you could end up paying an extra £200 just to have that classic third layer added to your creation. It better be a good cake! Alternatively, you could always make your own

Average Cost of Wedding Food and Drink – £3,353

The number of people as well as offering up an open bar or cash drinks will all affect the total cost of feeding and watering your lovely guests. Once again, the north clinches the prize for the lower end of the scale while London is up there at the top with their £4,000 average catering bill. Although the wedding breakfast may have become a staple part of many people’s big days, this doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of ways to save money on wedding catering, however, so don’t panic!

Average Cost of Wedding Flowers – £661

Flowers are beautiful and can bring any location together. After all, their delicate scent and splash of colour can be enough to bring any room to life. Sadly, if you want to go for a bouquet that’s out of season, then you could end up paying quite the price tag for the privilege. It is the small details, such as the flower arrangements, that can all see the total bill skyrocket. But they just look so beautiful – how is anyone supposed to resist? Well, you could try making your own from supermarket flowers – although nothing beats a professional florist!

Average Cost of Wedding Photographer – £975

Getting a price for your photographer all depends on the quality of the photos you are looking to get at the end. Your wedding day is going to be a day filled with precious memories that are set to last a lifetime. Sadly, these prices may not always cover the costs of the actual prints themselves. So on top of the photography fees and an extra mouth to feed and water, you could still end up forking out plenty more to get your hands on those unforgettable snaps. However, nothing beats getting those photos back after the big day, so well worth every penny.

Average Cost of Wedding Entertainment – £875

You’re all ready for the reception, the guests come flooding in, and it’s time to welcome the new happy couple to the first step of the rest of their lives. Whether it’s a disco, performer, or live band, there are so many ways that you can provide entertainment for your guests. But why didn’t anyone ever mention how much they cost? A few hours of entertainment could set newlyweds back hundreds of pounds depending on the type you opt for in the end.

Even with 51% of UK couples admitting they have help from their parents or relatives, there are still 32% of engaged pairs scrabbling the money together themselves. It may look daunting, but not everything has to cost as much as it seems. Could you be the ones to break that average and bring the price down?

You can also use our exclusive free wedding budget template to help keep an eye on those costs – it’s filled with helpful tips and tricks to keep within your budget. Just join our friendly (and private) Facebook group: Wedding Planning, Inspiration and Advice to gain access.

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