How much do wedding rings cost and how can you keep the cost down?

Wedding rings are a way to scream at the world “Hands off; they’re taken!” without having to say a word. Aren’t they wonderful things? However, there is a problem: the cost. They’re just a small piece of jewellery. Surely they can’t be that much? So how much do wedding rings cost and how can you keep the price down?

The cost of wedding rings

Let’s just rip off the plaster and get right in there. £809. There’s no need to check your eyes; you read that right. Ancient Egyptians are said to be the first people to wear rings as they believed a never-ending circle represented an eternal love, while it was the Romans that started using the jewellery as part of the marriage ceremony. In fact, the Romans even began to carve the couple’s faces into their rings – imagine that! Nowadays, people will spend thousands of pounds to get the right piece of jewellery, but surely there must be an end to all this spend-happy madness?

Choose certain cuts

The cut of the stones in the ring is what can affect the price so dramatically. This means how the stones have been shaped which can affect how much they sparkle in the light. Best cut jewels will rake in the higher price tag – which will typically be around £7,000. However, going for the best you can afford is a surefire way to make sure you don’t break the bank.

Consider not having stones at all

Yes, it’s those diamonds and rubies that see the price skyrocket. But do you need them at all? After all, it’s likely your engagement ring will have plenty of sparkle. By opting for a plain band, you could save yourself a ton of money and even be able to afford a much higher quality metal than one that comes encrusted with sparkle. How perfect! Another alternative to not having stones at all is to not have a ring at all! There are plenty of alternatives to wedding rings that you can use instead of the traditional wedding band, which will save those precious pennies.

Think about your metal

As with many other pieces of jewellery, rings come in all types of metals. From tungsten to palladium and everything in between – there is a ring metal out there to suit every need. Platinum usually comes in at the top of the range, but did you know white gold can offer the same effects without the hefty price tag? However, if you really want to save money then choosing steel rings could be for you thanks to their small cost.

Shop online

As with many things in the world, shopping online can usually offer up much cheaper deals than high street stores. After all, they don’t have to fork out on the expensive fees of running a shop. If you want to keep the cost of your wedding ring down, then it could be time to hit the web. All you need to do is browse in stores to find which style you like the best and find the matching option online for a fraction of the price!

Wedding rings are a major part of any ceremony. However, it can be amazing to see such a small piece of jewellery cost so much. Not anymore. No, no longer do you have to worry about those hefty price tags thanks to these money-saving tips for your wedding rings. You can thank us later!

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