Everything you need to do after your big day

So, you’re married! Who would have thunk it?! You’ve become a fully fledged princess or prince for a full 24 hours, you’ve worn clothing that makes you look dapper as heck, you’ve placed a beautiful ring on the finger of the love of your life – and you’re definitely not going to be taking it off any time soon. You know, unless you’re not into the whole wedding-ring-thing and have opted for an alternative. Yep, as your wedding day draws to a close, it’s time to embrace life as a married husband or wife and chill out, right? Well, you might want to ensure things are in ship-shape order before you get totally comfortable. If you need some help, here’s everything you need to do after your big day…

Let the whole world and his dog know

Although we would love to tell you that you can run to the tallest car park in your town and scream, “I’m married!” from the top of your lungs – you might get a few weird looks from your neighbours. As a newlywed, it’s your job to let the world and his dog know that you have changed your relationship status and name. This means you will have to send off for a new passport, change your name with HMRC, the DVLA, and even your bill providers. Many of these organisations will require proof of marriage, which means it’s best to ensure that you have multiple copies of your marriage certificate to send them. It’s also important to note that many companies (such as insurance companies) require a small admin fee to change personal details – so keep this in the budget!

Insure your wedding ring

If you have opted to wear wedding rings as a couple, you may currently be staring at your wedding ring, not really knowing what’s gone on or comprehending that you – yes, you! – are now married. It’s bizarre, right? There are certain things that you need to do after your wedding day, and insuring your wedding ring is one of the most important boxes to tick on that list. Hopefully, you’ll only ever have one wedding ring over the course of your lifetime, which means that it’s pretty darn important. Not only would it suck to lose it for the financial value, but it would also suck to lose it for sentimental reasons. This is why many couples choose to insure their wedding rings, as it will cover you for loss, damage or theft. However, before you do so, make sure that you check with your home insurance provider to see if your cover extends to your wedding ring. Many do, but others require separate jewellery insurance cover.

Say thank you

Although it can often seem like you are the one who needs to be thanked for organising such an epic wedding day, your guests were alright too – we guess! Yep, those guys created an amazing atmosphere for your big day, celebrated your nuptials with you, and even bought you a gift. So, it’s only polite for you to say thank you. It’s best not to leave thank you cards for too long after the wedding, as this can often seem like an afterthought. Instead, make a note of your gifts when you open them and write to those promptly. You can make your own thank you notes, or you can do them online – the choice is yours!

After your big day, there are some pretty important things that need to be done – but most importantly, you need to celebrate your life as a newlywed couple! Sure, get your new name sent off to HMRC, but make sure you take time to actually embrace the fact that you are now bonded to someone for life. Eek!

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