Epic wedding favour ideas you can DIY at home

What would a wedding be without guests? It would just be a couple of crazy kids who just decided to get hitched because they were totally and utterly in love! Of course, we’re obsessed with love in any form, but in our eyes, there’s nothing better than sharing your special day with all of your friends and family around you. Whether you choose to invite 15, 150, or 500 guests, it’s always a nice touch to thank your guests for celebrating your big day with you. This is why couples spend hours searching for the right favours for their friends and family – but did you know it’s SOOOOO much easier than that? Just make them yourself for half the price! Yuh-huh, these are the epic wedding favour ideas you can DIY at home…

Tree/wildflower seedlings


Most of the guests at your wedding have watched your love blossom over the course of your relationship. They have seen you go from strength to strength and grow into a couple they’re all pretty darn jealous of – and we definitely don’t blame them. You’re awesome! So, let them grow their own little relationship in their back garden and give them packets of tree or wildflower seedlings in your name. You can pick up packets of seeds at your local garden centre or even in your local supermarket for dirt cheap (lol, geddit?). Wrap them up in a little bow and attach a small thank you label on the top, and you’re onto a winner!

Homemade candles


I mean, who doesn’t love a candle? We have so many candles in our house we could probably open a candle factory, and that’s just the way we like it. Making your own homemade candle is one of the most thoughtful favours you could make – and it’s a whole load of fun in the process. If you’ve never made candles before, we would recommend making soy candles, because they are simple to make and you can add any scent of your choice. For full instructions on how to make these homemade candle favours, click here. If you’re going for a more rustic feel to your wedding, make these candles in quirky tins or mason jars!

Tasty treats


Although you love your friends and family, deciding on favours can be a tricky and expensive job. Instead of spending hours stressing about these favours and all of your options, why not decide on one gift that is both simple and effective? A bag of tasty treats will never go amiss because the world and his dog love something sweet every now and then. So, grab some containers and fill them with sweets! It may be that you fill a little bucket with sugared almonds to sit in front of your guests, you could fill a retro brown lunch bag with cool retro sweets, or you could simply buy small little jars and cover them with fabric jam jar covers.

Homemade jams/honey/booze


As we’re in the mood for jam, it’s onto our next DIY wedding favour ideas! If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you could actually make your favours completely from scratch – and all you need is a few ingredients and some jam jars. It may be that you make your own fruity jam, it may be that you harvest your own honey, or it could be that you make your own booze! Sloe gin is a hugely popular wedding favour gift, with many couples choosing to pour the booze into Alice-in-Wonderland-style bottles, complete with a little tag that says something adorable such as “Drink Me” or “Love Potion.” You can get as creative as you want with the bottles and the tags – and even more creative with the cooking! You could say it was jam-packed with love…

Potted succulents


We love a good potted succulent, and they are very on trend right now. Succulents are fairly cheap, especially if you can buy them in bulk (get your haggling skills on, ladies and gents!). Then, all you need to do is pot them in the container of your choice. You could just keep them in the pot they came in and wrap them with brown paper and a ribbon to make them look more rustic, you could pot them in mason jars (yes, we love mason jars), you could pot them in an ornate teapot, or you could even just wrap them in hessian fabric. Attach a little thank you note onto the ribbon, and you have some of the coolest favours known to man, woman, or plant.

The wedding mixtape


If you’re really struggling with your wedding budget but want to make something truly special for your wedding guests, why not make them a mixtape to remember your wedding by? You could burn all of the songs from your wedding onto the CD and wrap it up in beautiful paper, along with a thank you note. This is one of the cheapest keepsakes you could make for your guests, as CD’s cost next to nothing! In fact, it will take more time than anything, but your guests are totally worth it, right?

Personalised cookies


Do you ever just have the urge to bake? Well, if you have this urge just before your wedding day, you could save yourself some serious money! Personalised wedding cookies and becoming much more popular as the years go by, as they are cheap, cheerful, and super duper scrumptious. The flavours and the taste of your cookie is completely down to you, but if you want to personalise them, you can buy simple cookie stamps online. This could have the date of your wedding on it, or just your names so that they can remember the happy couple as they fill their bellies. Pretty cool idea, huh?

Choosing the right favours for your guests and your budget can be a tricky job – but not if you make them yourself! Luckily, there are so many epic wedding favour ideas you can DIY at home; you just need to get your creative juices flowing…

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