Buy a basic cake and decorate it yourself to save money on your wedding day

So, they’ve popped the question, you’ve said yes, you’ve got the perfect venue in mind, and you know the EXACT theme you want for your budget wedding – there’s just one problem. Yuh-huh, you’ve gone a little over budget. While this isn’t the end of the world (although it may seem like it), you will need to sacrifice your turtle doves, your horse and carriage, or even your fancy ten-tiered cake to make room in your wallet. Luckily, there are ways to DIY your own wedding cake, and it starts off with a trip to the local supermarket! Want to know more? Buy a basic cake and decorate it yourself to save money on your wedding day. Trust us, it will reduce you to tiers (tee-hee).

Feeling a little naked

If you don’t quite have the budget to hire a professional baker to create the perfect iced wedding cake for you – you’re in luck. One of the latest trends in budget wedding cakes is the naked wedding cake, which sounds a little odd, but actually works a treat if you’re looking for that shabby chic vibe. If you buy a few victoria sponge cakes from your local supermarket, you can layer your cakes to create the height you’re after, and it won’t break the bank. Then, the world is your naked cake with the rest of the decoration. You can lightly ice the outside of the cake with butter icing, you can dust it with icing sugar, you can lay fruit on top of each layer, or you could simply place fresh flowers around the base. Adorable. We even have a guide on how to make your own naked wedding cake – yep, we’ve got ya back!

Get artsy

No matter where you go in the country, you will always find a baking section within your local supermarket – and this is a godsend if you’re planning on buying a basic cake and decorating it yourself to save money on your wedding day. Whether you want to buy a block of icing yourself and decorate the outside, or whether you want to buy store-bought icing flowers and sparkle that will show off your create side, getting artsy with your cake will add a little personality to your wedding day. The best part? If you have a wedding theme, you can decorate your cake as you would your venue.

We just can’t stand it

Nowadays, store-bought cakes can be found anywhere, and although they don’t look like much when they’re sat in their boxes – once you take them out they look as if you could have made them yourself! To elevate your basic store-bought wedding cake even further, you’ll need a pretty quirky cake stand. Whether you choose a vintage lazy-susan style cake stand, or whether you choose a stack of books, or whether you’ve found the perfect cake stand for your Star Wars-themed wedding, buying, hiring or borrowing a cake stand will show your guests that you have something that’s a bit more special than something from Sainsbury’s (or Waitrose if you want to push the boat out).

Fake it until you make it

If you’re having a small wedding but fancy a large cake to show off the fact that you really, really, really love cake – there is a way to fake it until you make it. If you buy a simply cake from the supermarket, you can then buy fake tiers to make it seem much larger than it is. These fake tiers can be made out of simple styrofoam that you cut to your dimensions, and you decorate it as if it were a whole cake. Cover it with icing or cover it with fruit, and nobody would be any the wiser! Unless they steal the spotlight and cut the cake before you do, of course.

Buying a basic cake and decorating it yourself can be the best way to save money on your budget wedding – you just need to know how to do it properly!

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