Budget wedding trends: Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

If you’re the blushing bride, there’s a high chance that you don’t want your bridesmaids to upstage you on your wedding day – otherwise the bouquet may be deliberately thrown in the wrong direction. However, you also want your bridesmaids to feel beautiful and taken care of, which means that you need to get the bridesmaids dresses just right. No pressure. If you have bridesmaids with various different body shapes, it can be difficult to find a one-dress-suits-all option. But never fear, because mismatched bridesmaid dresses are here! Yep, as the latest budget wedding trend, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are becoming increasingly popular with modern brides… but this is how you do it right.

32 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Under £100

The technicolour bridesmaids

We all know of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, but have you heard of the bride and her amazing technicolour bridesmaids? No? Well, that’s because you haven’t debuted your new mismatched bridesmaid dresses budget trend yet. If you’re a bride with specific tastes, you may know exactly what you like and dislike, and you may even have a particular design and style of dress in mind before going shopping. If this is you, choosing the same style of dress in different colours could be the way to go. With a coherent shape running through all of the dresses, your bridesmaids also have the opportunity to show off their personality with their own personal colours. Chic and sophisticated – what more could you want?

The same, but different

Alternatively, you may be the kind of bride that wants to stick with a particular colour scheme – and that’s okay, too! One of the easiest ways to rock the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend if you have a particular colour in mind is to find different dresses for each bridesmaid that all match this colour palette. If you have aquamarine as your theme, you could find dresses that are short, long, or even halter-neck. Although this gives bridesmaids a chance to show their fun side, it also shows you and your guests that they mean business as your bridal party.

Sparkle and shine

There are some laid back brides in this world who don’t care what their bridesmaids wear, as long as they look good and they tie in with her dress, and this gives bridesmaids the perfect opportunity to rock the mismatched look. If the bride simply wants their dresses to sparkle and shine to bring out the shimmer on her own dress, this can be done easily. Bridesmaids can mix up patterns, they can mix up lengths, they can mix up shapes, and they can even mix up colours. As long as there is sparkle and shine in their dresses, there will still be an element that screams ‘bridesmaid.’

Sticking with a theme

Bridesmaids trends are always changing, but one trend that will never go away is bridesmaids wearing flower prints in the summer. It just works, you know? Yet, themed prints can bring your mismatched bridesmaids together – even if they are all completely different. Indeed, you could ask all of your bridesmaids to go away and buy themselves a flowery dress, and we guarantee that they would still look great as mismatched bridesmaids, because the flowers show the running theme. There’s a lot of power in flowers.

It can often be scary to think about bridesmaids in mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but if you know how to do it right – it totally works! As long as there is one central theme running through the dresses, to show that they are all your bridesmaids, then the dresses don’t all need to be identical. If in doubt, get your girls together, get some giggle juice down you, and take yourselves off to the shop to try things on for size. Let them loose and see what happens! We also have another guide you might like if you want some more tips on how to save money on bridesmaid dresses.

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