Budget wedding theme ideas: Shabby chic wedding

Let’s be honest; no wedding would be complete without a theme. Whether you choose to go lavish and luxurious with chandeliers and a horse and carriage, whether you choose a medieval theme (if swords and princess are your thing), or whether you choose a rose gold theme , sticking to a colour scheme and tying in similar furnishings is the way to go if you want the perfect wedding. However, there is one budget wedding theme that is now taking over the wedding scene, and we don’t mean to be Chic-y, but it’s not too shabby if we do say so ourselves. Okay, that was bad. Of course, we’re talking about rocking the shabby chic wedding trend. Here’s how to get it looking amazing, on a budget.

Top Shabby Chic Wedding Picks for 2018

Get your DIY on

Shabby chic design prides itself on being sophisticated and classy with a homely feel to it – and what’s more homely than doing it yourself? Crafting your wedding invitations yourself is the perfect way to incorporate this budget wedding theme into your life, as long as they don’t look as if a 2-year-old child has got their hands on them! Grab some rustic brown card, buy some rope, add in a splash of colour, and use a stylish and classic font that proves you mean wedding business.

Put the kettle on

Because we’re English, there is nothing we love more than popping on the kettle, filling up our favourite decorative teapot, and settling down with a good book. However, the stress and time constraints of planning a wedding means that you often struggle to get in your daily tea break. Luckily, there is a way to make up for the dust that is collecting on your teapot… use it in your wedding! Instead of using lavish glass vases for your table flowers, add a little rustic and homely flair into your theme as you place your beautiful flowers into teapots and teacups.

Make use of a potato sack

Hessian is mostly known for its use as a potato sack, so you might be wondering why the heck we’re telling you to incorporate a potato sack into your wedding – but trust us, hessian makes the shabby chic wedding theme pop! The hessian fabric is extremely cheap because it’s not the kind of material that you would want on your skin, so is not used for fabric or clothing. Yet, it can be used to decorate your chairs or to act as a table runner. If you can, add a little lace to the edges of the hessian fabric, before tying it in a bow on the chair, or simply laying it down on the table. Because who needs silk, anyway?

Bunt up your life

No shabby chic wedding would be complete without bunting; it’s just a rule of thumb. While you don’t need to cover your whole wedding venue with bunting, you can make use of these decorations around the room, or even on your cake. Bunting is super cheap to find online, and you can even make it yourself! All you need is some string, some card, and a pen to create your masterpiece. Yep, bunting is a must if you’re looking to make use of the shabby chic budget wedding theme idea (which you totally should do).

Who wood’ve known?

Many couples feel under pressure to provide their guests with expensive tables and chairs that will look stunning even after the wedding breakfast – but many forget to realise that opting for the shabby chic wedding theme will allow them the chance to save money and impress their guests at the same time. Using simple and unfinished wooden tables and chairs gives you more of a chance to take it back to basics and show off a rustic feel. Fill these tables with flowers, candles, trinkets and more for the ultimate finish.

If you’re stuck for a wedding theme, you should definitely consider the shabby chic look. It’s rustic, it’s natural, it’s beautiful, and it’s budget friendly! What more could you want?

Image sources from Laurie Bailey Photography

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