Budget wedding theme ideas: Festival

Do you love festivals? Do you love weddings? Well, then the answer is simple! Combine the two for your perfect festival wedding! Festival weddings are becoming more and more popular among the young, the old, and even those who don’t like to disclose how old they are (don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret). Don’t get us wrong, we love a traditional wedding, but incorporating a theme into your wedding is one of the best ways to breathe some personality into your big day. In the words of McFly, it’s all about you! But how do you bring the #WedFest trend to life? Well, just follow our handy tips and tricks.

Get down and dirty with your festival wedding venue

If you’ve ever been to a festival, you’ll know that it’s dirty. Like, really dirty. There is mud everywhere, there are tents strewn about the place, and Wellington boots are all the rage. Of course, you probably don’t want to mudslide on your wedding day (or, you know, you might want to), but you can bring the taste of the outdoors with you when it comes to your wedding venue. You can hire out a tipi or a tent and allow people to explore the great outdoors with a little shelter over their heads. You can walk down the aisle in a beautiful woodland ceremony, or you could even hire out a pub and have your very own pub festival. With beer on tap, what more could you want?

Festival wedding theme

Give your guests a taste of the festival lifestyle

Singing at the top of your lungs and dancing the night away is hungry work, which means you need to somehow feed your wedding guests. If you’re going for a festival wedding theme, you probably won’t want to sit down for a glamorous wedding breakfast complete with tiny food that barely touches the sides. Instead, you’ll probably want to embrace the festival lifestyle and give your guests a taste of this. Hiring food trucks and vans is one of the best ways to do this. There are loads of different options to choose from, from wood-fired pizza, to burgers, to paella, and other street food. We need to stop talking about this now, because it’s making us hungry…

Get all artsy with your decor

One of the best things about any festival is that it’s not perfect. It’s a little rough around the edges, and that’s exactly why we love them. If you’re planning a festival wedding, you might want to incorporate this feeling into your big day. But how the heck do you do this?! Well, by getting all artsy with your decor, of course! If you decide to hire out a tipi or a tent, you have a blank canvas (lol, quite literally) to play with, and the whole space is for you to decorate. In our opinion, the festival wedding theme and the shabby chic wedding tie in perfectly together – so take a look and get all of the inspo you could possibly need for bunting, flowers, teapots, hessian table runners and more!

Festival wedding theme

Make sure the wedding is alive with the sound of music

No festival would be complete without music. In fact, it’s just a load of people hanging around in a field with flower crowns on their heads and singing out of tune. Because of this, it’s important that your festival wedding is full to the brim with live music. A Spotify playlist or a DJ just won’t cut the Dijon mustard! Booking a live band is one of the best ways to bring a festival to life, and choosing the right band for your taste is one of the coolest things you could do. It’s like your very own personal gig. Of course, not all of your guests will appreciate loud music (ahhh, their ears!) so you might want to entertain them in other ways. We’re talking old-school lawn games. Get the giant chess set out, have a go on the coconut shy, and pop a few hay bales out for older guests to chill out.

A festival wedding doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of pounds. After all, you’re not booking The Rolling Stones for your headline act. Instead, you can create this awesome festival wedding theme on a budget and have the time of your life. So, get your wristbands ready and get ready to party!

Image sources from Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography

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