Budget themes and trends: ‘Friends’ themed wedding

It’s your wedding, could we BE anymore excited?! When the rain starts to pour, and like we’ve been there before, we’ll always be there for you – especially now you have chosen one of the greatest shows of all time as your wedding theme. Who could resist bringing the classic sitcom to life for their big day? No longer do you have to Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe it out on the couch in rented wedding dresses. We’re here to help prove how you can have a Friends themed wedding while sticking to the budget.

The one with the colour theme

Of course, the Friends door has become one of the most iconic doors in the history of TV. It might be simple, but there is a story behind the classic piece. The frame was initially meant to have a photo, but someone on the set smashed it before the first shoot. Thank goodness they did, or we could have missed out on this gem. Anyway, if you want to inject a subtle touch of Friends into your big day then why not opt for a purple theme for your wedding? The bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and any other decorations are all perfect ways to bring Monica’s apartment to life without going over the top or spending too much.

The one with the frame

On the subject of that iconic photo frame, it could come back to play a role in your big day. Photo frames can be the perfect addition to any table as the centrepiece. If you’re worried about budget, there are many frames on offer in charity shops that could give cheaper alternatives to frames found in high street stores. Still can’t find the one you’re after? Craft stores sell spray paint meaning you can create your own unique frame without paying for the privilege. Perfect.

The one with the cake toppers

Sometimes it’s all about the smaller details when it comes to bringing an entire wedding together. Here, it could be time to think about the unique ways to get your cake involved with the theme, and there are many great ways you can inject some Friends to the sweet treat. What about hunting down a rubber duck and chicken? Perhaps you could have a coffee cup at the top of your grand design? Maybe it could be a lobster? After all, you need someone there to hold your claw. Plus, your Friends themed cake topper will be the perfect talking point for your guests.

The one with the cheesecake

Be honest; we have all wondered how the cheesecake tasted so good that Rachel and Chandler ate it off the floor, are we right? If it’s good enough for them to get down and dirty, then it’s good enough for us. If you want to take your love of Friends one step further, then you could even choose a New York cheesecake as your wedding cake rather than a more traditional option. Not only will it fit with your Friends themed big day, but you could also save yourself a ton of money without the hefty bakery price tag. Hopefully, this one won’t end up on the carpet…

The one with the music

Wedding entertainment can be hard to decide, especially when there are so many options – and costs – involved. If you want to keep your guests entertained at the drinks reception but don’t want to pay a hefty fee, then it could be time to search through the local ads to find a guitarist. If you opt for an up and coming musician, then chances are they will come with a much lower price tag than their professional competitors. Plus, it will add a dash of Phoebe charm to the big day. Of course, we couldn’t forget having I’ll Be There for You blasted at some point throughout the night. Whether it’s your first dance or a way to finish off the night, this is a budget way to go full Friends mode.

The one with Mockolate

Okay, we’re not suggesting you go for the real Mocklate, at least not unless you want to experience the bubbling yourself. Rather than forking out on expensive desserts, it could be time to factor in a chocolate fountain into the budget. Plus, if you’re lucky, many of us know someone that has one lying around somewhere. These inexpensive additions can be the perfect add-on to any wedding, but you can bring your Friends themed wedding to life with this Mocklate alternative. You can serve it up with anything you like, too. From strawberries to marshmallows – everyone should be happy with this sweet treat.

The one with coffee

Of course, one of the most important places in Friends is Central Perk. It’s where many major decisions are made, and is even home to some pretty steamy scenes, too. Yes, we’re talking about the steamed milk. What else could we mean? Anyway, coffee is the perfect way to turn your big day into a Friends event in so many ways. You can choose drinks options using coffee, use coffee mugs instead of glasses, or even incorporate mugs into your decorations. They can be the perfect place to keep flowers or candles on the table. If you want to save even more money, why not ask your guests to donate some of their old crockery lying around the house? It’s a win-win situation.

The one with the photo booth

Wedding photo booths are becoming a huge trend and now is your chance to jump on board the craze. If you’re looking to save big bucks, and you’re feeling crafty, then this could be the perfect opportunity to kickstart your Friends theme. There are so many templates online of speech bubbles you can use as part of your set. Just don’t forget to include classic lines from the show – pivot? Pivot! You could even think about making a frame of your own from the back door of Monica’s apartment. Still stuck? Why not head to the toy store and find your very own Marcel and Ross’ keyboard for the booth?

The one with the table names

Here is your chance to go wild, and there are so many possibilities depending on numbers. If you have a lot of tables, then perhaps you could opt for “The one with…” are the names? You can finish off the sentence with the family’s names, or a secret about one of the guests on the table. If you have six tables, there is the chance to use Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross instead of numbers. If neither of those float your boat, you could use memorable places from the show, such as Central Perk, The Lucille Lortel Theatre, or the Moondance Diner.

The one with the sentimental words

Using someone else’s vows isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, there is nothing wrong with using inspiration from Friends as part of your very own vows. Over the seasons, our favourite characters kicked out some winning lines that left our hearts melting. What about Monica and Chandler’s vows to each other? Mike declaring his love for Phoebe? Rachel realising that Ross was worth the wait? They are all some of the most memorable moments from the show as the characters show their deeper side. Now, it could be time for us to incorporate them into a speech or two. It might be subtle, but this is the perfect way to add to your Friends themed big day.

As long as everyone says the right name at the altar, then you are in for a good wedding, right? Sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your big day to life with these Friends themed wedding ideas. Whether you are looking for something subtle, or want to go full on Friends, there is something for everyone. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy having someone to face the day with, and make it through all the rest with. Could we BE any more romantic?


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