Are cheap wedding dresses from China worth the risk?

Planning a budget wedding is all fun and games until you realise that things actually cost money. Yep, you’ve hit a bit of a snag. While it’s easy to make sacrifices on smaller items such as guest favours, decorations, invitations and more, it’s much more difficult to save money on larger items such as the groomsmen’s suits, and one of the main reasons you’re getting married in the first place (as well as being totally and utterly in love, of course) – your wedding dress! After scouring the racks in various different bridal shops, you just can’t find ‘the one’ you’re looking for that lies within your budget. However, there is a silver lining when you look online and find a wedding dress from China for 1/10 of the price. But are cheap wedding dresses from China worth the risk?

The dresses can be of the same quality

Unless you have the money to buy a custom Vera Wang dress and the money to ship it over from the United States, there’s a high chance that you’re going to buy your wedding dress off the rack from your bog-standard bridal shop, or even buy it second-hand from eBay. Well, there are some stores around the UK who actually source their dresses from wholesalers and manufacturers – many of which are located in China. This means that when you find a similar dress online, there’s a high chance that it has come from the same manufacturer, but you’re just missing out the middleman who markup their prices in store.

There are numerous horror stories

As a culture, we’re pretty darn sceptic about anything that is underpriced – which makes us wonder why these Chinese wedding dresses are really worth the risk. After all, if it’s cheap, it must mean the dress looks cheap, right? Well, not always, but the internet does like to scare us. You can’t type in ‘Chinese wedding dresses’ on Google without seeing devastated brides in dresses that are low-quality and completely different to those pictured. Indeed, that’s if they actually turn up. Other horror stories note how these cheap wedding dresses from China fail to be delivered, even after the budding bride has paid for the dress and the shipping fees.

Many of the items are completely unique

If you’re the kind of bride that likes to feel different and unique, it may be that you struggle to find the perfect wedding dress for you in a shop because you’ve seen them all before. Yep, your sister wore one just like that. Your best friend wore one with that neckline. Your mum even wore a dress just like the one on the front cover of the bridal magazines. You want to be different! Buying cheap wedding dresses from China can be one of the best ways to buy a completely unique dress, as the country often offers dresses that cannot be found in England. Whether you want a vintage gown, a custom Lolita dress, or just one that you haven’t seen before, there’s a high chance they make it in China – if you want to take the risk.

It may not be the perfect fit

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, you need to ensure that the dress fits you perfectly. This means that it’s a risk when you buy a certain size and hope for the best – which is what you do when you buy a wedding dress online from China. During these transactions, you simply take a look at your measurements and measure them up (pun intended) against the dimensions of the wedding dress. However, these measurements can often get lost in translation, and you’re left with a supposedly long dress that actually just reaches your knees.

So, are cheap wedding dresses from China worth the risk? In all honesty, the choice is down to yours. Buying a wedding dress online is always a risk, but it’s down to you whether you wish to take this risk or not. If you do risk it, leave yourself enough time to find a replacement if things go horribly wrong!

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