Are any wedding dress styles cheaper than others?

Planning a wedding is pretty darn exciting, but nothing is more exciting than choosing your wedding dress. After all, you’ve probably been dreaming of the day you walk into the posh bridal boutique, leave your mum and sister on the plush sofa with a glass of champers in hand, and step into a dress that you immediately know is ‘The One.’ They do it all the time in movies, so that must be how it works in real life, right? Well, Hollywood isn’t wrong, but they do miss out the scene where the bride-to-be looks at the price tag and stumbles to the ground in shock. Yep, wedding dresses are ridiculously expensive, but have you ever wondered if there are any wedding dress styles that are cheaper than others?

Do you want the long story or the short story?

Well, do ya? If you’re not fussed about either, you might want to go for the short option! Unlike high street clothing, wedding dresses are made out of intricate and expensive fabric that will make them look beautiful and elegant. Of course, we’re totally not complaining about this, but we do have an issue when we realise that this fabric bumps up the price. So when you think about it, it makes sense to buy a shorter dress. Less fabric = lower price. It’s simple. If you’ve never been taken by shorter dresses, we would suggest that you at least try one on for size. You may be surprised and fall completely in love with it.

Blushing in embellishments

Wedding dress manufacturers put huge amounts of time and effort into making your dress perfect, and their time and energy is expensive. Because of this, delicate dresses that are covered in embellishments such as beading or lace are much more expensive than those that are much simpler, because they take so much longer to make. Don’t worry though; simple dresses don’t always mean plain dresses! You could buy a beautiful A-Line dress that doesn’t have any embellishments on it that still looks sleek and sophisticated. Just look at Meghan Markle at the royal wedding! Her simple dress looked absolutely stunning. Sure, it was pretty darn expensive because of the designer label, but we definitely won’t be shopping at Givenchy for our wedding dress. You know, unless you have that kind of cash…

Always the bridesmaid, also the bride

During your epic wedding planning, have you noticed that when you add the word ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’ in front of the product you want it becomes about 10x more expensive? Yuh-huh, the wedding world tries to make the most of people who are willing to make their big day as special as possible, which is why they hunk up their prices. However, we’re clued up on their tricks, and we’re not going to fall for them! One of the best ways to find a budget wedding dress style for you is to stop looking for a wedding dress altogether. Instead, search for a white bridesmaid dress and see the price drop dramatically. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the two.

What’s your favourite colour?

If you’re looking for a wedding dress style that is cheaper than others, you might want to think about your favourite colour – because we have a feeling it wouldn’t be white! So, why go along with tradition and choose a white wedding dress? In the past few years, colourful wedding dresses have become extremely popular, and more and more women are choosing to brighten their day with pink, yellow, and even black dresses! Because they are still fairly niche, coloured wedding dresses are much cheaper than your regular white or ivory. Why not give it a go?

Finding the perfect wedding dress on a budget seems like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, there are many wedding dress styles that are cheaper than others; you just need to know where to look…

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