Amazing wedding decoration inspiration that you can make yourself

Your big day might be all about sharing the love between you and your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it all surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere does it? Of course not. However, you don’t have to rob a bank to pay for all the additions. In fact, there are several amazing wedding decoration inspiration that you make yourself. It’s time to get crafting!

Floral fairy light garland

These are a simple yet elegantly beautiful addition to any wedding. Plus, they are super simple to make. To start, you need to invest in a string or two of fairy lights, as well as enough fake flowers to cover every one. Then, you need to take out the centre of each flower and push them over the lightbulb while keeping all the petals together. You might need to push the flowers all the way to the plastic if you find the hole in the flower is too large. Work your way along the string until you have covered them all and voila! Just be careful to choose LED lights to avoid any overheating.


Autumn leaf confetti

This confetti is a simple addition that can be used to cover the newlyweds or even sprinkled over the tables for that perfect autumn look. Plus, it is super simple to make yourself. All you need to do is go hunting for the perfect leaves. These could be the vivid colours of orange or red, or perhaps the darker tones of brown. Once you have plenty to choose from, it’s time to start creating the confetti. Don’t worry; you don’t have to cut them all by hand. No, you can get the shapes you want with small hand punches that are available at many craft stores.


Glittery vases

Perhaps you want to add a touch of sparkle to your table, but don’t want to fork out on expensive additions? Have no fear; this wedding decoration inspiration should help. Begin by washing the vases you would like to use and letting them dry. Next, paint glue on the entire area you want to cover in glitter. Here, they have painted the bottom half of the vase, but you could do less, more, or even glue stripes. Then quickly sprinkle the jar in glitter before the glue dries, tap off the excess, and leave it to set. Once they’re dry, the vases are all ready for their additions, such as some simple silk flowers or feathers.


Burlap banner

These banners might look simple, but they can bring new life to any wedding. To get started, you need to print out all the letters you need (don’t forget you can reuse them) and cut out the shapes with a craft knife leaving you with a template. Then cut out squares of burlap large enough to fit your letters. Secure the templates with tape and get painting with whatever colour paint you like. Once they have dried, it’s time to take a length of twine and stitch your pieces together by weaving it in and out of the fabric. Yes, it really is as easy as that!


Fairy light jars

We’ve seen mason jars with salads, we’ve seen mason jars with candles, and now it’s time to see mason jars with fairy lights. Really? Really. You’ll need battery powered fairy lights, and should begin by taping the battery to the lid of the pot where you can easily reach the switch. Then, cover the lid with a square of fabric or burlap. Then it’s time to fill your jar with the fairy lights and screw on the cap. Finish off the look by tying a piece of ribbon or string to complete the project. These can be dotted around the ceremony or even placed on the tables as added decoration – the choice is up to you!


Glitter leaves

We’re back at it with those autumn leaves and glitter. No matter what time of the year you are saying “I do”, these can really bring the room to life and are so simple to make. It’s time to get out hunting for enough leaves with some spare just in case. Once you have a healthy collection, it’s time to punch a hole into the top over every one. Then dunk the leaf in glue until it’s entirely covered before gently press them into different coloured glitters. After letting them dry, string up your creations, so they’re ready to hang wherever they are needed.


Flowerpot and butterfly

To begin, take a flower pot and gently chip around the top with a hammer before painting it whatever colour you would like. Then, it’s time to fill the pot with styrofoam. Once it’s full, glue on half a styrofoam ball, so the curved part is slightly poking out the top. After it’s dried, cover the entire sphere with glue and moss. To make the butterfly, you will need four old pages of a book that have been lightly stained with tea. Then, use a template to cut out the shape before tying the pages together around the middle with string. Glue to butterfly to the moss ball to bring the whole look together. Brilliant.


Floral hula hoop

Start by spraying a hula hoop the colour of your choice (here they have used gold) and allow it to dry. Next, it’s time to choose some fake flowers to add to the hoop. You can use floral tape or anything similar to keep them in place and organise them however you like. If you want, you can finish off the hoop with some fake leaves and attach them in the same way you have the flowers. Finally, you can choose whether to leave the hoop blank or add a sign or photo in the middle. These can be wonderful when hung all around the room, and can even be used as signs for parts of the reception.


Vintage table numbers

If you’re anything like us, then you love a photo frame, and who could blame you? These table numbers are the perfect wedding decoration inspiration for any wedding without having a hefty price tag. All you need to do is collect enough photo frames for the number of tables at your reception. Next, remove the glass from the frames, and glue floral fabric to the back cardboard. Then add the number of the table to finish the entire look. Here, they have used wooden numbers as their additions, but you could even use door numbers or permanent marker for your own.


Different themes can call for all kinds of decorations, but thankfully there are so many to choose from – especially with all this amazing wedding decoration inspiration. The best bit? They are all simple DIYs you can make at home. Now not only do you get a craft project, but you can also save a heap of money while still getting those winning results.

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