Amazing gift ideas for the groomsmen

Your wedding day is all about two people, the bride and the groom. While everybody’s focus is on those two people, there are plenty of others involved in the wedding that help to make the day extra special. One particular group of people who make things go so smoothly are the groomsmen, they help direct people to their seats and look great as a part of the wedding photos. For a reward on the job well done, it is common to buy them a gift as a symbol of your gratitude for helping out on the big day. Are you struggling to find something to buy for the guys? Take a look at these amazing gift ideas for the groomsmen.



Your groomsmen are probably all very much their own people, so why not help them all stand out with different socks for each of them come the wedding day. You and your groomsmen will all be wearing pretty much the same thing so each having a pair of socks to reflect their personality is a nice touch that they can wear on the day. Each time they pull on those socks, they will be reminded of the day and the role they played in making it a special one for you and your partner.

Grooming kits

It’s not just the groom that has to look their best, the groomsmen all need to scrub up for the big day too. Getting each of them a grooming kit will make sure that they can be nice and fresh for the morning of the wedding, helping to keep them looking and smelling great throughout the day. Throw in a bottle of aftershave for each of them to complete the set, just make sure it’s one you like as you’ll probably be smelling quite a bit of it on the day.

Personalised movie posters

Are you and your groomsmen huge movie buffs? Why not give them all a gift that means something to everybody in the group and get them a personalised movie poster. Everybody can have their own credit for the role they play in your wedding, and the poster will be a nice reminder for them as they look at it on their wall – because of course they are going to frame it and give it pride of place.

Hip flasks

Not everybody is all that comfortable with performing public duties, and the same can be said of the groomsmen. To help give them a little Dutch courage on the day buy them each a hip flask, and a bottle of their favourite drink to go with it. To make it extra special you can get personalised hip flasks that come with whatever engraving you want. Meaning you can leave them a personal message and a keepsake that they can use time and time again. Maybe they head on a camping trip in a few years and bring their hip flask with them, suddenly they’ll have all of those great memories of your wedding day come flooding back.


If you really want to push the boat out and give a very special treat to the guys you are closest to in your life, you could get them all a watch each. They can wear the watches on the day but will be able to show off their new timepiece long after the festivities are over. Get them engraved with a message, or just yours and their initials, to add a finishing touch to make each watch unique.

Sometimes trying to buy gifts for people can seem impossible, they already have everything they want so what do you get them? As these gift ideas for the groomsmen will be marking your special day, making sure the presents are personal to each of them can really help to make them feel extra special.

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