7 easy DIY wedding venue decorations to try out

Decorating a wedding venue can be incredibly hard work, very stressful and also a lot of money. Where do you begin? What theme do you go for? What decorations do you need? What colour scheme? There are so many options to choose from, and obviously you want it to be the wedding of your dreams, so you’re going to want to purchase the most gorgeous decorations – and eventually, it’s all going to add up. Unless you make your own DIY wedding venue decorations! Now, this doesn’t have to be as messy or as stressful as it might initially sound; in fact, it could be a great activity to get all of your bridesmaids to get to know each other in a kind of ‘ice-breaker’ activity. It also saves a lot of money, which is great. Here are some top DIY tips to consider for your own wedding venue decorations.

1. Going Vintage

The vintage look at weddings is very in right now and is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. An excellent way to embrace this trend is to use rustic looking jars at the wedding as vases on the tables and scattered around the venue; you don’t even need to spend a lot of money investing in these jars. Save your own jam jars, pickle jars, coffee jars and so on from home, and ask friends and family to collect them for you too! Then just wash them out to make them clean and fill with flowers on the day. If you like, you can decorate the jars to give them your own personal touch that will fit in with your venue colour scheme or theme. You can do this with ribbon, felts and other materials – or even glass paints if you’re feeling crafty.

2. Bridal Bunting

You can purchase bunting, that’s a given, but why not save some money and make the bunting yourself? In terms of DIY wedding venue decorations, this is one of the most fun (and easiest) to play around with. You can do this quite quickly by buying some old materials online, from sites such as eBay, or from places such as charity shops. The best material to use for bunting is table cloth material, but if not you can try quilts, blankets, old dresses and even scraps of material you can purchase from home stores such as IKEA. You can try to make matching bunting but can also make it more creative by using lots of different materials; it all depends on the colour scheme and the theme that you’re going for.

3. Sweet Stations

A sweet idea (pardon the pun) is to set up your own kind of pick n mix stand at your venue. You can hire an old fashioned sweet truck for a small amount, or just use a table and decorate it with a beautiful table cloth, and then have plenty of different containers or jars, bowls or dishes of a variety of different sweets and chocolates. You can also purchase paper bags that look like vintage pick n mix bags for a relatively low price at most craft stores to add finishing touches to your sweet station. These pick n mix bags can double as favours for your guests too, which is a bonus.

4. Balloon Bonanza

Balloons are popular at all kinds of celebratory events and weddings should be no exception to this rule! A really lovely idea is to get balloons in shapes; either number balloons in the shape of the date you’re getting married, or letter ones that spell out Mr and Mrs, and maybe even the surname depending on your budget. You can get helium foil balloons for this particular purpose in a whole range of colors and patterns, so there’s something for every theme!

You can also get some funky transparent, spherical balloons that you can fill with goodies, be it something as large as a teddy bear to something as small as flowers, or confetti. You can usually write messages on these balloons too, in metallic or sparkly lettering that looks beautiful.

5. Say Cheese

A really personal touch at any wedding is to have photos of the bride and groom strung up around on pieces of twine, clipped up with mini wooden pegs – and it’s one of the easiest DIY wedding venue decorations to pull off. The photos could be of the bride and groom throughout their lives, including baby pictures, prom photos, and photos of them throughout their relationship – from the first date up until the wedding day. All documenting the couple’s previous lives before they embark out on their new journey together. This is a very sweet idea that costs virtually nothing because you already own the photos (or can at least get them printed cheaply)! The twine or string and the wooden pegs will cost nothing!

6. Fairylight Fiesta

Fairy lights look truly magical, and as the evening settles in and the day gets darker, fairy lights look truly lovely twinkling away. A truly gorgeous way to use these at a wedding as part of the venue decor is to purchase some battery powered fairy lights (so that you don’t have to worry about plug sockets!) and scatter them over the tables; either that, or fill old jam jars with them and use them as centrepieces.

You can also drape and wrap these strands of lights around doorways, chairs and hang them from the ceiling to create a glittering fairyland that is as magical as your wedding day should be.

7. Homemade Instagram frame

Instagram frames are really popular when it comes to special occasions now, and weddings are the perfect time to use on of these because everyone is taking endless photos to commemorate the day! However, they can be quite expensive, so sometimes it is cheaper to make your own! Just make sure you create a number of likes, a cute caption and a hashtag to use as well, that everyone else can use and track on social media! You can customise these frames to be any colour, not just Instagram’s standard colours, so you can match it to the theme of your wedding.

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