6 things every bride and groom forget to do after their big day

The wedding might now seem like a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget all about it. Did you know there are 6 things every bride and groom forget to do after their big day? Yup, it’s not time to put away the wedding binders just yet; we’re onto a whole new chapter of our lives.

Change your name and marital status

Getting hitched means you finally get to check the “married” box after such a long build-up. However, many married couples forget to make it official after their big day. If a woman is taking her husband’s last name, she will need to update all her documents, including passports, driver’s license, and any credit cards. Plus, your taxes and any benefits you receive might change now you have said “I do” so it’s vital to update any personal information you have handed over throughout the years. This also goes for anyone with life insurance. Getting hitched can mean plenty of change all round!

Send thank yous to your guests

Forgetting about the simple things in life can be easy. However, saying thank you to your guests is a huge part of the post-wedding wind-down – especially as many guests probably bought a present. You don’t have to fork out on expensive cards as a way to say “thank you” either. In fact, it could be as simple as sending out a personalised email to everyone as a way to express your gratitude. It might be a small detail, but this act of kindness can go a long way.

Return any unwanted gifts

As bad as it might sound, now is the time to return those gifts that don’t quite cut the mustard. Sure, you spent hours meticulously crafting the perfect wedding list to ensure you had everything you needed to start life as a married couple. However, someone just had to stray away from the suggestions, didn’t they? The gift givers never have to know. Just be careful to return them before it’s too late and you’re stuck with that cat hair teapot for eternity. After all, you probably couldn’t even give it away.

Create a wedding photo album

Yes, you might have plastered your wedding snaps all over social media as the #HappiestDayEver, but more often than not the bride and groom forget to order their physical copy to hold onto. Although photo albums aren’t a vital part of the wedding, they are a sweet reminder that you can look back on at special occasions. Plus, you could even get some printed to hang around your house as a reminder of all the hard work that went into organising the big day. It was a huge turning point in your life, why not show your big day off to the world?

Get the dress cleaned and preserved

All that jigging on the dance floor looked brilliant, but have you thought about the effect it had on your wedding dress? Although it might look clean, chances are there are specs of dirt all over the gown that you don’t notice. If you plan on keeping your dress, then it’s time to start thinking about how you will have it cleaned and preserved for the years to come. If you aren’t going to hang onto the gown, then now is the perfect time to get it ready for the next bride looking for the dress of her dreams. Could it be yours?

Spend time together!

The last few months – or even years – might have seemed hectic with so much planning. From flowers to dresses and everything in between, you might have had enough of weddings by now? Although it’s excellent to release a sigh of relief now the day is out the way, it’s important to remember what the big day was all about: becoming husband and wife. Many brides and grooms forget to dedicate enough time together at the beginning of their new lives. However, this is a huge step, and you should remember to enjoy everything that comes with being married – especially while it’s new.

At last, it looks as though this could have been the final checklist for wedding planning. So what next? Well, now it’s time to start enjoying life as a married couple! There is a whole world of opportunities out there waiting to be explored. Why not grab life with both hands and see where the ride takes you?

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