6 DIY wedding invitations you can start making now

Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will see related to your wedding, and as such, it sets the tone for the entire day, so you’d best make it good! DIY wedding invitations are a great way of adding your own personalities and ideas to the day before it has already begun, and can often be much cheaper (and cooler!) than going to a designer. Grab some friends, a bottle of wine (but not too much! You want them to look good!) and make your own invitations. You can make DIY wedding invites on a budget but without sacrificing style – and you will also have the bragging rights that you made them yourself!

So where to start?

1. Design your own DIY wedding invitations

Source: Canva templates

One of the easiest ways to make DIY wedding invitations that still look polished and professional is to digitally design them and get them printed. It might sound like a terrifying concept to design your own wedding invitations, but you will be surprised at how easy it can be! Once you have decided on your colour scheme and overall wedding theme, that will give you a starting place. Be sure to check all of the information you want to put on it (and double check – you would be surprised at how easy it is to forget important details) and make sure the font you use is clear and legible.

For something basic but brilliant you can just use the word processing program on your computer, or if you want to design your own wedding invites that are a little flashier, but without having professional design skills, there are also online design sites such as Canva. Of course, if you can use something like Adobe Illustrator, you can always find some good vectors and go to town! There are also plenty of free wedding invite downloads available online, if you want something you can simply edit.

When it comes to printing off your DIY invites, you could look for a local printer, or see if there is anywhere online with a deal on – they often do! If you are on a really tight budget, as long as you have a high-quality printer and some good card, you could always print them off yourself.

2. Vintage lace-detailed invites

DIY weding invitations - Lace


These take the printing to the next level. Printed on classic kraft card, these DIY wedding invitations were printed with an HP Officejet Printer and look better than professional! The detail at the top was added using a lace doily punch (although you can buy tape that looks like this at craft stores) and using a sewing machine in a contrasting colour really makes it pop. This doesn’t require a whole lot of crafting skills if that isn’t your forte (or the thought of making hundreds of handmade invitations is too daunting), and so it can look amazing without too much effort.

3. Silhouette cut-out invitations

Source and tutorial

Can you even believe that these were homemade?! These classy DIY wedding invitations had a three insert pocket inside them, for the RSVP, directions, and accommodation information – topped off with this sweet butterfly on the front. The shape was cut out suing a silhouette machine, which meant that they were all uniform, and this was stuck onto a ribbon in the wedding colours, with the finishing touch being a self-adhesive pearl in the middle. If butterflies are a motif in your wedding decor, this would be a lovely way to carry the theme through from the start; otherwise, any other shape would work well too.

4. Majestic, fairytale invites

Source and tutorial

Not all DIY wedding invitations need to be rustic-themed – just looks at these stunning, traditional invitations with a touch of sparkle and glamour. Although they might look complicated, it’s all about the materials and building up the look. This pearlescent paper looks a lot more expensive than it is and the lace-style edge creates some real decadence. Add a sparkly belt embellishment with the ribbon of your choice for DIY invites that look like they cost some serious dollar!

5. Stamp on it

Source and tutorial

One of the easiest ways to create your own wedding invitations is to invest in some cute stamps. These beautiful invites were simply made with rubber stamps on kraft paper and look so romantic. These types of rubber stamps are easy to buy and affordable, from most craft shops. There are some websites online where you can order customised stamps, perhaps with your names and the wedding date on, or a cute illustration. You might want to practice using your stamp a few times before you try it on your invitations – firstly to ensure the ink shows up well, and also to get the hang of making sure it doesn’t smudge.

6. Go crazy with a glue gun!

Source and tutorial

This invitation is a lot more simple to make than it looks and allows you to make something that is totally you. The background on this one was made with a giant stamp, but patterned paper would work just as well. The top part has several different embellishments that you can find in any craft store, with stick on letters of the couples’ initials. The embellishments can be personalised to represent you and your other half, or be coordinated to your wedding colours and theme. Grab a glue-gun and get stick happy!

Making your own DIY wedding invitations doesn’t have to be as scary as you may think and you could end up with some fantastic, unique and cost-effective invites. With a bit of imagination, some crafty bits, and a steady hand, you can create invites that you will be really proud of. Your guests will love sticking these on the fridge!

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